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Christian Eriksen

Submitted by Enfieldhammer on Sun, 13/06/2021 - 10:34

How horrible was it see Christian Eriksen stumble to the ground. You new straight away things was not good. As much as I hated him whilst wearing a Tottenham shirt you could never do anything but admire how great a footballer he was. I say was, as being someone with a heart condition and in a way like Eriksen being in the right place at the right time am lucky still to be here. Just can't see him coming back from that. Eriksen was definitely saved by the quick response of those around him and the professional support and equipment around him.
Like many watching events unfold. I was sitting in tears, praying for a positive outcome. He could so easily have been one of ours. Afterall he was linked in January.This has happened to one of our own already. The great Marc Vivien Foe. His death also occured whilst on International duty? Perhaps this is 1 tournament too far & the players should have been given a decent break.

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Are strange creatures......drink smoke do drugs junk food everyday and you live till 90! keep super fit eat right don't do drugs sometimes have a pint late nights occasionally and you have a heart attack go figure.....just shows none of us no when its over and trying to gauge it by lifestyle well you simply just have to live this life and hope its a good one.

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Glad Eriksen is awake,rivalry goes out the window when something like this Mac has said you can be super fit,never drink,smoke etc & something happens like this.
A bloke I worked with for years,martial arts expert,not an ounce of fat on him,never drank or smoked saw him recently & he is recovering from a brain virus that has made him a shadow of his former I say live for the day!!

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Hate is a very strong word I feel irrespective of football loyalties. I was sure Eriksen was gone at one point it was sickening to watch. The most poignant moment at the time was Fabrice Muamba tweeting "please God". Luckily in this case it seems God listened.

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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