Deeney Licking his lips

Acid test for El Pel tomorrow lets see what he comes up with this time....Watford played 2 lost 2 and not scored a goal easy pickings you may think but i doubt that and many on here probably the same.
Our porous defence got away with murder last week and any kind of performance like that again it could be another citeh result on our hands.....Of course Watford players and fans will be nervous but what better way to settle your nerves than to play West Ham!.
El Pel has to bite the bullet and resist his idea of free flowing attacking football leaving us open at the back for Deeney&co to batter us and he is more than capable of doing that...yes we won there last season 4-1 but we could and should of been 2-0 down before a wonderful Noble goal and Lanzini reacting faster than there defence gave us a flattering 0-2 ht lead add to that they had a guy sent off just minutes into the second half things fell for us on that day but not so sure this time around.....El Pel surely has to play a simple 442....Fab/Cressy(purely coz Arthurs a nightmare at the back)Diop/Balbuena/Fredericks/Rice/Noble(we wish but it'll be wheelchair)Antonio/Snodgrass(his type of game is why)Haller(if fit)Chicarito(only play if he has a strike partner)...of course i do not expect people to agree with the line up but i dont think we will get anything if El Pel plays Anderson/Fornals/Lanzini and just one up the battle first then bring on Lanzini/Anderson/or Fornals to exploit the space but we shall see.....COYI

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I just don't get how Balbuena and Drop looked like world beaters for a few games last season and yet we are still leaking goals and have a shoddy defence? I am inclined to blame it on our fullbacks as neither Cresswell or Fredericks seem to prioritise defence over attack and as you've mentioned already - Masu certainly doesn't! But is it just consistency issue that plagues all footballers?

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Like you say mac who is the team you want to play when your off form? Answers on a postcard!

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Little Ed and I were talking about the 'deeney' factor, probably the only proper use for carlos sanchez would be to send him on specifically to 'do*' deeney, after all troy has 'called' hammers players out in the past, wouldn't it be nice if he got some of his own medicine?
*= take him out the game one way or another but without injuring him too much.

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And the good news guys is that he's not playing, Deeney that is!!

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our team needs to grow a stronger back bone and deal with Deeney. what happened to the likes of Alvin Martin and Martin keown, defenders who knew how to boss strikers. yes the rules changed and players drop like flies, but when it comes to taking on a brute like Deeney someone like Diop needs to use his massive frame and push the guy around.

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Deeney will be licking his wound now.

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