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Fear the future

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Mon, 27/02/2023 - 15:37

Ok by some miracle we stay up what then? i am sure i have not been the only one noticing stories like we are interested in this player that player such as......Maguire/McTominay/Bissaka/Smalling the latest all very uninspiring all with a common thread and all most definetly a Moyes kind of player IMO papertalk or not this has to stop.

WE stay up the board have to thank Moyes and get shot of him thats the first thing....secondly no player can be sold until a new manager is installed and then he makes the decision...Thirdly Rice should not be sold(if we are selling!)again until the new manager has found the replacement he wants.....this should prevent the club from being shafted price wise on future signings as there is no money in the Kitty regarding his sale....also the club needs to set the price not the buying club so Arsenal stop trying to buy cheap.

And most important of all is the list of managers that are always muted for every job needs to be binned and a bit more thought given to what the club wants and needs to get us to that much lauded "next level".......Benitez and Co not wanted.

The club are notorious for dragging there feet but all this i hope has already been discussed by those who run the club and if not why is going to be a long summer if we survive if we dont my God it wll be even longer considering the fallout that will cause.

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Will Still, but will they risk everything on a young forward thinking manager? Answers on a post card (remember them) please!

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And yes it would be something exciting but could you honestly see the current board employing such a novice regardless of his current Achievements in his fledgling career? if we were to be relegated i think they may but if we stay up i doubt that very much.

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