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5-4-1 yesterday. The back 3 were rock solid, each one seeming to know their task. the General was back and looking really solid. The wingbacks were freer to get forward more and Masuaku looks good because he doesnt have as much 1-1 responsibility was a wing back. I have to say he seems to have the best close ball control out of our entire squad. Several times he's able to 'ballerina' around the ball, twirl and emerge from a crowd with it. The four in midfield were excellent - working hard and the wide players Fornals and Bowen getting forward as much as possible. Still cant trust Fornals finishing though, how did he miss that one? Up front Antonio seems to love the battering ram role. Wolves back 3 couldn't deal with him.

I think Moyes needs to stick with this formation, in fact I insist upon it. The 4-2-3-1 should be binned. Im fed up of watching us get carved open in wide areas. Noble? well, I think most will agree his best place is the bench now, coming on later or for a change up, taking off soucek or rice when/if needed. he cant play in the 'hole' in that wretched 4-2-3-1 if you ask me.

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He looked really solid yesterday and maybe has given Moyes food for thought...of course it's only one game but he looked like he did when he first arrived...Bowen and Fornals look very good and do the dirty work of tracking back that some others in the squad never do...keep this formation like you say Dicksy but he needs to make sure he strengthens the back ups in those areas.

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Do you think the success was that we mirrored their set up with 5 at the back? Matched them like for like but in truth we have better players and this time harder working? I thought across the board everyone played their part but the one I would highlight was The Beast... I thought he was just simply unplayable! Proud Hammer today!!!!

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