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Gary Mason..

Submitted by Hammers65 on Tue, 19/09/2023 - 10:13

Wow watched a documentary on you tube...remember Gary back in the unassuming because he kind of shunned the limelight & moved from south london to Kent..all the focus was on Frank & quite rightly so but Gary Mason was a seriously good boxer who beat loads of opponents that Mike Tyson beat also in his prime...its only now that I can really appreciate the likes of Garr Mason God rest his I quietly go about my business now,a but deep guys but if you have time there are amazing docus on telly if you swerve the mainstream stuff

Freevee...come on guys this channel is incredible,free music,etc documentarys that you will never see on the ridiculously overpriced beeb etc...4 months now watching this...Nev will know about Gordon Sumner & Sting got all the attention but hey some stuff on here
you wold never see!! COYI

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