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Ha ha, this is West Ham

Submitted by Red Neck Iron on Mon, 07/08/2017 - 16:44

Just read if we are drawn at home in the cup we are going to have to play away as the stadium STILL won't be ready to play in. And here's the cruncher WE will have to pay our opponents Compensation! We are so Mickey Mouse!

Just seen it moore6 but my main point is we have to pay for the privilege of giving away a home advantage! We could end up owning a prem side money just for playing in the cup.

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I don't really understand that red,i can understand if we get a home tie against a minnow side,that they would lose out on gate money at not being a the OS

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I don't understand it either moore6, just thought how stupid is this making us look. We have no ground to play on so we give up our home advantage and get charged for doing so! Can't make it up how much of a circus we have become. Is it any wonder we will be laughed at by other fans.

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