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here we go again

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sat, 16/09/2017 - 17:49

Did not see the game but from what i heard on the radio and seen posted on here i had the best view...but once again i see slav playing people out of position...collins injured so zab put in back 3 antonio put at w/b i gather and chicarito wide left again FFS he is a STRIKER and a bloody good one at that...and then we have carroll which like i said makes us so one dimensional and PREDICTABLE....commentator on the radio was saying this and also how chicarito is being wasted played wide....square pegs round holes again...

Our squad looks set up to play any formation other than the one bilic wants to play! Having said that if we can't get the basics of passing right formation and players are all immaterial

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Can we all start agreeing now that maybe our transfer business last season wasnt just 'poor recruitment from the board' and was actually Bilic mis using good players in poor tactics and formations over again.

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We went to the game and I have to say enough is enough, as he is clearly tatically inept! Monday we witnessed a quality box goalscorer playing deep, whilst Carroll was knocking on balls with no-one there? On Saturday Carroll was playing central/right and Hernandez on the left as a winger??? Absolute nonsense!!! WBA offered nothing and it wasn't a great game, typical Pullis, but we should create better chances but won't with Bilic as Manager.

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And it looks like most of the org does too. I'm getting frustrated seeing a good goalscorer (Chicharito) wasted. And Sakho is a striker to. Why Billic can't see that amazes me.

Just read his comments on the official site. Among them: (1) He KNOWS he's playing Chicharito out of position, (2) he doesn't think he can play Chicharito and Carroll together, (3) He was more than content to take Chicharito and Carroll off against WBA. But this just makes no sense to me. Why not try to forge a partnership? I just can't see having Chicharito sitting on the bench so that Slav can play his preferred 3-4-3.

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