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John Jo shelvey

Submitted by Red Neck Iron on Mon, 01/01/2018 - 13:08

First Harry arter, then Steven nzonzi, then some scot we never heard of and now John Jo shelvey. Can shelvey really offer what we need? Looks like the board could have learnt nothing. Firstly he is hardly the next level, infact I'd say more likely the old level. A little bit better than snodgrass but that's all. He doesn't always nail down a place at Newcastle and not renown for a good engine or putting his foot in a tackle. At best I'd say he would be cover for lanzini. So why buy now! Look Sullivan buy what we NEED most urgently not what's cheap.we need an arter or even better a joe Allen. Someone who is resilient, these players generally are easier and cheaper to find. (Although not as cheap as 12 mill quoted for shelvey) if we can't find or afford at least one of those type of midfielders we deserve to go down. So is Sullivan about to make another January mistake?

Why cant he keep his nose out of it ?,he obviously knows nothing about football. Maybe he sees this as his little bit of power in the structure of the club ,do us a favour David go on a long holiday about a month. January is great ,somewhere where they dont play football

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Burkie 1

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He was not being picked because "Benitez could not trust him" says it all really..he has ability but he also like elbows has moments where the red mist decends and thats a red other news Red neck you will be pleased to hear it looks like we are going to sign that Mcginn from hibs.....not knocking the player or the fee as he has no say in that but there is a big big class gap between the the scots prem and ours and not even coming from the club in scotland it is a gamble....

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