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klopp going stale?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 27/01/2017 - 08:15

not related to us i know, but i keep an eye on other clubs and managers. with mourinho's ridiculous claims that man u remain 'unbeaten' after losing to hull and the over the top lovefest between him and his players all the time we now have Klopp constantly in the news. if he's not complaining about how well his team played only they 'didnt score' (er isn't that the point of winning?) he's complaining about the wind affecting his team…yes the wind….has anyone ever seen a 'bias' wind? that is it affects one team but not the other? its getting sad seeing these grown men act like children, rummaging around for excuses all the time and defending their players to the point of absurdity…one minute klopp is mr funny, having a laugh and chuckle with the interviewer, next he's bitter and rude….Pep has lost the plot completely making remarks that are simply those of a man with a massive ego suddenly being found out, mourinho keeps putting himself in the news as if he is the only thing that matters in world football, wenger is still at the usual winging (and now added touchline violence to his skills) and klopp is fast becoming the man who promised much and delivered nothing.

Saw moanrinho earlier,i could only stomach a couple of seconds of it!! apparently he only saw 2 goals,pogbas & 1 of hulls so they remain unbeaten!!if he could shag himself he would!!;)
Klippetty,pep, wenger there all the same....
Thats why slavs a breath of fresh air,always an honest opinion,no excuses & gives credit to the opposition,sean dyche at burnley is the same!

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he's finding out that whilst not the most skilful league in the world the prem is the most competitive...and the pressures getting to him and pep big time this season...personally I don't care they come with wonderful reputations but that means nothing...they should take a leaf out of conte's book as he has chelski flying and its his first season here...showing up moanrino with the team he failed with last year and the aforementioned klopp and pep...

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I think he's great?
Best personality in the PL before Slav.
I think he'll bring them the league in the next 2 years as it's so fractured.

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Some gibberish about managing pool is like when work stops on your dream house,a few hiccups on the way,but you get there in the end he was saying...
Though at this rate i can see an eviction is on the cards!!

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1-2 to wolves one win in there last eight games ol klippety under pressure now

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rmbr the last time Liverpool lost 4 games at home in row? I am thinking maybe in the 50's early 60's before they became the force they were....because I don't doubt chelski will smash them on Tuesday to make that happen.... and growing up with Liverpool being the all conquering force I am stunned to think this can happen not that I mind of course!

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Klipp Klopp may be having a nightmare January but the bell end Lawro still can't bring himself to predict a poo loss even when playing an inform top of the league title contending Chelski (it hurt to type that)

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