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Little englander and the blue passport

Submitted by Red Neck Iron on Fri, 22/12/2017 - 21:41

Before I start this is NOT intended to be a political thread in any way. I'm a bit of a traditionalist, and can't help rejoice in the fact we are getting back the blue passport. I'm sure you can remember those days. Dark blue passport stiff as a British upper lip and able to swat away any Johnny Foreigner wishing to over step the mark by questioning the creditials of a British citizens. The not so old red one was a bit apologetic of a passport. It's flimsy, no backbone. The old British passport would servive an air crash better than the planes black box flight recorder. Red? I mean red? How on earth can we immediately be recognised as British without it? (Turns off God save the queen) anything else you wish they would bring back that screams we are British.

Without getting political, the changing of the passport makes no difference in the slightest to anything and is just another massive colossal waste of money to add to the silly brexit bill

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the contract is up in 2019 for the printing of passports and the renewal of the new ones will just be in blue so no extra cost at all

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Whilst very true Fred, the original change of the passport was exactly the same! Like Burkie says why did they change it in the first place? I just found out that it actually didn't need to change colour in the first place. Getting slightly political now, is its a governments job just to waste vast amounts of money?

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How about the last little piece of the east end as we used to know it,unfortunately no chance of that as the shysters did what the luftwaffe couldnt!!

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good old pounds and ounces !!!! pints and gallons ,feet and inches ,just for starters

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