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Made me laugh

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Submitted by ANTKB on Wed, 02/08/2017 - 00:29

Watching the womens Euros the other night and a female ex-England star was asked what was required of England? Her response was old school 'get in their faces, leave a foot in and let them know you are there!' The commentator then turns to ex-Spuds player Jermain Jenas to ask his opinion, but he notices Jermain looking unsteady and looking behind him and comments on the fact that 'you are obviously worried about the sprinklers getting you wet again?' I then watched the game and noticed that despite the England keeper being obviously injured and refusing a stretcher, she left the field but clearly not willingly. I have just heard that she had in fact broken her leg!

How embarassing are modern day PL footballers in comparison to our fantastic laides? No comparison, as I didn't see anyone diving/cheating and I saw nothing but pride and passion in wearing the lions on the shirt. Your views and opinions?

I`ve watch a lot of the womans Euro games & have enjoyed almost every minute of them. No dramas, no rolling about in agony like they have been shot at the slightest touch & very little nasty play, just pure passion for playing and pride for the country they are representing.
I haven`t watched our mens national team play for many years without falling asleep or channel hopping due to boredom.
Carry on Ladies I`m loving it.

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good i am glad you lot on here are of the same opinion as myself the England women team have played fair and with passion which i haven't seen in the men's game for some time especially against Spain they let them pass themselves into the ground and defended fantastically and hit them them on the break not always good to watch but in a tournament it's the result that matters come on England

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Football is f***ed. It's for the tourists and sponsors. The money is obscene, the footballers think they're above society and walk around like gods. They can hardly string a sentence together, and as soon as they're finished they'll be forgotten. There will be no contact in 10 years and all games will look like a game of FIFA. Footballers spend 90% of their time pretending to be hurt, Rugby players send 90% of their time pretending they aren't hurt. Players like Sturridge, Luke Shaw, Carroll maybe, won't play through knocks. When I played rugby as a youth, we spent more time taping and strapping (*DH) than warming up. We still went out and clattered into each other. Too much shaving ,moisturiser and mirrors. Ronaldo, Beckham and the like have created men that are more like poreclain dolls. Good job this generation don't have to go to war! Instead of dropping food parcels the Red Cross would be dropping fake tan!

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You are on fire Betty! The thought of this generation going to war horrifies me! Of course you are correct in what you say but men as a generation have taken a lead from these footballers. Can just imagine them refusing to storm a machine gun nest because they have been able to pluck their eye brows yet!

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Especially the last sentence,this generation going to war!!Watching the anniversary of paschendale this week,& the story of dunkirk (made into a recent film),got me thinking can you imagine young men nowadays in the trenches - what no wi-fi & wheres me selfi-stick!!!

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