Missing out on the champions lg

You can sence a lot of pessimism around today after that result ,little bit of shock along with tinge of disappointment and a dollop of regret,but we've had a season like no other ,i woke up after some of those results and said " f##k it " ,poxy dreams.
We cant let this get the better of us ,we must maintain positive thoughts through the clossed season and start afresh next year,its not goin to be easy ,specially if we loose 1 or 2 players that we might be expecting to loose but we can do it all again and this time go all the way ,dont know about you but i felt great with all the comments about our journey to the top 4

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We have had a season none of us dreamed of and lets face it everyone thought we would struggle big time especially after the opening game...so a little realism is not a bad thing.....the squads got no depth to it and that needs sorting out and if we miss out on European footy it may not be as bad as we think...all those extra fixtures i doubt we could cope lets face it we don't even attempt to win our domestic cups so why would Europe be any different!

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I was just about to write the same Bikey, but you've covered the squad inadequacy / deficiency nicely.....

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