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Submitted by hammergirl on Sun, 13/11/2022 - 08:02

13 wins from 41 prem matches That was the stat being talked about around me at the match yesterday and it is a very concerning one.When you consider how Moyes held back in January when we all new the squad needed help and the reason being he only wanted Lingard well the season just collapsed and then Moyes made the bold statement that what he saw from the team after the Brighton match at end of the season was unacceptable and things will change.

So forward to the summer transfer market he chased and chased and chased and chased Lingard which he failed in getting so then as it was getting late for me a scattergun approach to signings.Reportedly he was not sure and did not want Scamacca but as time rolled on he got him:-) Aguerd who he had wanted he got Downes came out of the blue Cornet an afterthought Emerson as well then Onana a beast in midfield but the deal could not happen so Everton stole in and got him so all of a sudden Paquetta was the word and so here we are with a record of P 15 W 4 D 2 L 9 F 12 A 17.

What has changed? the same brand of football being played the players look depressed and fed up with negative tactics the manager who said things will change well the evidence we are presented with proves to him nothing has changed and in all honesty if the board decide to stick with him do we really expect to see anything other than what is being served up?

Say the board stick he has 6 weeks to work with the players not going to the world cup but he states he is having a break all well and good but when the ship is sinking you do not take a break you stay and fix it but i think it is beyond his abilities to do so.

If he stays i see it going like this.David you just lost to Arsenal and Brentford what is your view?Wellllll you have to understand a lot of my players were at the world cup and with all the travel they need a rest and so we could not put out the teams we wanted to for those matches.The fans have voiced there concerns that nothings changed and your tactics clearly do not seem to be working how do you answer them? The EXPERTS in the stand need to keep faith we will turn this round but it takes time to bed in all the new players.And so my fellow orgers this circus we are watching will carry on and supporters will get more and more peed off the ground will start to empty earlier and earlier and a lot may just choose not to turn up what then?

Sack Moyes now and a new man and his backroom staff need employing quicksmart so they can start working with the players not at the world cup OR stick and hope we do not get relegated and that Moyes will change things for the better those are the only options my friends.

Is available. He might light a rocket under some of our more precious darlings.

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He might piss everyone off and they all down tools more like. The modern footballer is a fragile thing. I don’t think they react well to the hairdryer treatment anymore. It’s more psychology and
an arm around the shoulder

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