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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sun, 21/01/2024 - 21:30

What is the point of this organisation when all they seem to do is apologise for officials mistakes instead of training them better so they do not.

1..linesman 2 yards away ref with clear view of Brewsters dangerous tackle and after the players get handbags out a yellow card produced which VAR rightfully said no its a Red so why did the ref not deal with it properly.

2..Sheff utd penalty......apparently elbowing the keeper makes it a penalty and VAR said yeah no problem with that!

3..Bowen rugby tackled or WWE slammed to floor his arm comes up ball hits it oh thats handball free kick to Sheff UTD and VAR did not even question it.

That is just a few of the issues from our game but it goes on at everygame and nothing ever seems to be done to try and cut down on this.

If you speak out you get fined or banned so managers do not say anything on TV for fear of that but how weak and paranoid must the PGMOL and the Premier League be if they do not allow criticism to be heard.

PGMOL is not fit for purpose...professional refs and linesman paid a good wage and yet time and again they seem paralysed with fear making the "big" decisions that they are paid to make whether it is on the pitch or in the bloody VAR studio.

These decisions have consequences for clubs at the top and bottom of the league but shush now you cannot mention it...and so tomorrow the usual "i don't know why he made that decision" when its clear its a penalty a red cardhe got it wrng we apologise etc and so it goes on to next weekend when more of the same will come about no doubt.

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Spot on bike. They've turned what should have been a solution into an utter shambles and now the ref, VAR or on field into spineless monkeys. They seem to be the only people week in week out that don't see the blindingly obvious.
If the managers aren't going to speak out then surely the clubs must, each and every time. It's diabolical

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I actually don't have a problem with Sheffields penalty. Areola made a complete hash of punching the ball, totally missed it and clattered the opposing player. The fact he got a split lip just shows how wrong he got the decision and I'm not sure why he was subbed either. You don't save penalties with your lip. I've always maintained that he is an accident waiting to happen and his decision making leaves a lot to be desired.
Agreed there were a lot of bad other decisions in that game just like in the Bristol game, but this game there was VAR on tap so what n earth were they doing? Playing strip poker? I didn't need the replay to see their red, it was obvious first time round and I'm just not going to comment on the Bowen incident. TV pundits has done all that for me.
And if it's compulsory for managers to be interviewed after the game then they should be allowed to voice their opinions instead of being made to just churn out the standard old cliches every match without fear of fine. The game is already in disrepute, a few words ain't going to make it much worse.

(Edited to add) PS. How come Hamer didn't get a second yellow for our penalty?

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To see who the ref is before the line ups? soon as you see who it is you know how the games going.......and watching that Afcon the other day the ref let var decide pen or not and it was right in front of him he did nothing lol

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Utterly appalling performance from Tim Robinson tonight. How the hell he didn't see that blatant penalty must surely be blamed on his seeing eye dog for not nudging him to give it. To add further insult the way he strolled across the pitch to the monitor, I thought was fucking insulting!! That's the first time I've seen a ref not jog over to the monitor until he was a lot closer. The games hinge on decisions like these and he should have got over there a hell of a lot quicker imo.

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I think VAR is a cop out for the Referee. He does not give nothing knowing if he is wrong VAR will make the correct decision. But the VAR operatives are useless and are now scared to make a decision themselves. Get former Pro's in there to help them out. Every club has suffered horrendously but some more than others.

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The former pros idea has been bandied around for years. Have they ever been approached? Do some of them even want to do it? Or does the PGMOL look at refs who have put the hard yards in throughout the years to get to the "required level" so should be rewarded for their efforts?

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