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Players we should look to get shot of and why.

Submitted by Red Neck Iron on Sun, 24/12/2017 - 13:48

Personally I don't think our squad is as bad as people say. Having said that there IS a lot I'd get rid of in January if we had a magic wand. Some players don't fit in what we are trying to do but are very good players, some have bad attitudes, some are injury prone and the rest are bad. For me it reflects the mis management of the club from bilic and the board. There was no clear direction so instead of getting a certain type of forward (for example) we just got one with a bit of a name but doesn't fit in. So for me I'd get rid of, 1 hart wtf was his signing all about? Publicity? 2 fonte far too old and no future. 3 snodgrass doesn't offer us anything we don't have from players we already have. 4. Ayew doesn't offer enough in a game and I can't really see a defined position he would be good in. 5 kouyate, reminds me of someone who thinks he has a lot more skills than he actually does, often a liability in midfield. 6 Hernandez, just won't fit with what Moyes is trying to do, so will be a waste unless he changes the way he is playing which he won't. 7 Carroll bad attitude, shirker, injury prone and just drags our style down when he plays. 8 sakho- just burnt too many bridges. IMO if we lost all those tomorrow they won't make hardly any difference other than a lack of numbers.

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especially your point about Hart, not only did we buy somebody we did'nt need we lost a good number2 in Randolph That money should have gone on a decent number 2. I hope that Sicko Carrol go in Jan and buy a top-class striker, Someone who will compliment Chikos style of play, but the most important move is to try and get a good defensive midfielder. I'm surprised that we havent heard anymore about Carvallo only our attendances seem to be going down you normally hear about 4 or 5 top class players that G&S reckon we are going to get

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I thought we had got rid of Snodgrass but alas he is only on loan at Villa... have to agree with all those players you list - especially Fonte... he's been a major let-down, should of been a great partnership with Reid. Ayew has scored important goals - has a habit of being in the right place at the right time for the tap-ins but I dunno what he does for the rest of the match! We should upgrade Kouyate with Carvalho and put in a sensible offer for Harry Arter and rotate him with Noble...

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since when have we put in sensible offers for players i mean i can't believe we went in with a £7million offer for Arter surely he's only worth £1million with add on clauses taking it to £1.2million...and carvalho translates into English as Fellaini:-)

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Lets do it quick and not let it drag on...look at the £75million van dijk deal it will be done new years day bosh he's a liverpool i no thats always going to have happened but it also shows if you pay the money you get the deal...going in low and dragging it out cannot help anyone....also maybe we can sell Fonte back to southampton now for say £15million:-)

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Our squad is not exactly strength in depth is it? We may have players that fans want out, but if theirs nobody to bring in then why lose anybody? It doesn't make sense. January as anyone with half a brain knows is the worst time to sign anyone. Yes maybe get a couple in or do player swap plus a bit of lolly. But as for just shipping players out - I don't see why??

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but changes to the starting 11 have to be made, even if it is difficult at first. I like the idea of giving Rice a real chance. Maybe Oxford, too (though I can't understand why he's been shipped around so much). Maybe Martinez too. I remember when Harry Kane started playing for Spurs. He was hyped like the next Wunderkind, but he wasn't that good. Look at him now. How will we ever know if any of our youth have that capability unless we play them?

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You work with players on a day to day basis and judge them on that. If they go out on loan you keep a close eye on their progress. You can't play youngsters willy nilly or on a whimm
If Oxfrd was anything like the player hes supposed to be theres no chance that he would be going to Liepzig nor that he would only have played 3 games at Bor.Moenchengladbach. Harry kanes a rare talent and he benefited from going out on loan and being brought on slowly. If we signed Fellani I would welcome it because he'd bring something extra and would give more options all over the park as hes a versatile player.
I'd give Rice a run in the side, but apart from that I don't agree with much of whats been said here.

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I do sometimes think it's madness some people touting for certain youngsters to play. Take the likes of Oxford, Cullen, Martinez, quina and Holland. I often hear fans say give them a chance. Based on what exactly? Have you seen a lot of them playing? If not you are just picking names out of a hat! Football manager perhaps? Rice is a bit different. We have now seen a fair bit of him and despite a few hiccups it's probably safe to say he is a serious squad addition that can do a lot more than sit on the bench.

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