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Possible 8 changes Newport

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Submitted by cast iron on Mon, 26/08/2019 - 12:38

This has got disaster written all over it talk of Roberto, Cresswell, Zabaleta Balbuena, Diop,Rice, Snodgrass Wiltshire Fornals AJeti and Antonio. So this will be our 2nd team and we all know what happened last time he did this against Wimbledon. This is either going to end up in what a great move by Pellegrini or heartache but knowing how much we all want a cup run I think this a bit risky let's hope there area few big guns on the bench to put on if needed.

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He does make me wake up in a cold sweat....his performances in preseason were very worrying indeed as to the others you mention if they cannot do enough to beat Newport then they do not deserve a place in the squad overall....Forcandles and Ajeti will need to be told just how big this game is for Newport and they certainly will not lay down just because a prem team comes to town....And El Pel needs to of learned lessons from the Wimbledon disaster last season.

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