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Put it in contracts

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 21/01/2017 - 18:44

payet is not the first and won't be the last. pampered multi millionaire who thinks his station in life as someone who kicks a ball around a field for 90 mins a week somehow makes him entitled to act like a complete prat to get whatever it is he wants and when he wants it. I've heard he's 'homesick'…his wife can't settle….its all crap. some people are stranded a world away from their loved ones working 24/7 just to stay afloat. payet as ashes said on the main thread is an hour flight away and can afford a private jet there and back ffs. he has more spare time than a retired person. as for his wife's side of the story…its utterly pathetic. we had the same with behrami. these wives live in unlimited luxury. you mean to tell me she can't settle wherever her husband is for two or three years even if she can fly home anytime she wants? they all must think we are utter fools who will believe that their precious lifestyle needs are anything other than whinging, childish, unprofessional and selfish. men work on oil rigs for months at at time, truck drivers are away from home constantly….do they have hissy fits with their bosses ? no of course not as they can't and even if they could they appreciate the fact they have a job. i say that clubs around the world should put an end to it by putting clauses in their contracts that say any player refusing to play, making excuses that are not in line with what the club accepts, and any player trying to instigate his own transfer out of a club when under contract should face severe punishment i.e. huge fines and being banned from playing in the first team. as it is now payet is laughing all the way to the bank knowing he still cashes his cheques of 120,00 a week and doesnt need to lift a finger. well i;ll lift a finger….right here…up yours mate.

I know it might be splitting hairs but I think his wages are made up with bonuses which of course he won't receive, just trying to look for a positive that's all.

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You can imagine what the army boys,must think about all this with payet being homesick ,what do they get a 30 days leave in a year to see there love ones..

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Just supposing West Ham was doing well at the start of the season, Were still in the Europa, & FA cup and were about 5th or 6th in the prem, Question is would he still want to leave even though her indoors wants to go back across the channel ???...

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100 per cent behind you on that d.i.t.m.

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