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Roy Keane

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Submitted by cast iron on Mon, 18/11/2019 - 11:33

Fedup with Keane keeps slagging off Declan rice if he dont have anything intelligent to say, he ought to keep his gob shut instead of just criticising for the sake of it. Whats more important is the media reckon Rice got injured last night at the end of the game which is a bit worrying with Mak Noble out as well

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Yes, Keane is a nasty piece of work but... I think he has a point and if Rice wasn't "one of our own" would we really be so supportive?

I have said for a long time hes a centre back playing in midfield. He never wants the ball, he passes back more than Ray Wilkins did and its like passing to a wall... you get the ball back immediately! In the England set up hes the weakest link. In recent games for West Ham he has made much less tackles and decent runs. You can say he's young, learning etc etc and that maybe true but at the moment he's no Mark Noble!

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Yes Keane does like to wind everyone up & hes probably a bit bitter that rice chose England,but rice is far away from the finished article.nothing wrong with a bit of criticism it might toughen him up a bit,unlike Mr Gold wrapping him up in cotton wool

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Spot on 65, Gold is a **** who's only interest in Rice is maximising his transfer value. I think Rice will be a good player one day ideally for us but he can forget deluded grandeur of England and transfers to so called bigger clubs who will sit him on the bench for a few years and then ping him out the door to a bottom half prem club. I do hope Im proved wrong :o(

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