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So who goes Randolph Adriane or Baldy???

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Submitted by cast iron on Wed, 19/07/2017 - 12:46

Who the Fricking hell is Baldy apparently he is our new striker from Lazio, some one else I've never heard of, hope he is as good as ZZZZZZZZZ za and lets hope he is up to Calleri's very high standard. I thought we were only going after proven premier strikers this season, please tell me that this transfer, is G&S having a Giraffe (laugh)
AS for Adriane and Randolph I cant split them I think that I would go fo Adriane but if he left for Palace and Premiership football I would 'nt blame him. I just hope Randolph dont end up at Newcastle and we end up losing the pair of them its World Cup year and this is not going to suit either of them, as Adriane has been capped recently for Spain and Randolph will want to keep his place if Ireland qualify. I wouldnt mind having a vote on this one Nev. Its Adriane for me, But leave Baldy out of it though!

Bit worried we might paint ourselves in a corner over keepers for next season! We may end up having to buy 2! Plus we do need a competent keeper on our bench for the season in case hart gets injured, if not it could ruin any good transfer deals Sullivan may bring in.

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