I did something today i never dreamed i would ever do, i actualy cheered on the scum ,i have a feeling the so called top 4 are on their way to fucking up the premiership with their limitless funds they think all they have to do is buy who ever they want ,hence the male model to shity for a 100 mill, and a reported one and a half for kane ,its blatant arrogance, yesterday the commentator on the Chelsea game said they have a squad of 42 or 43 of which 10 are on the list and not one of the for a penny less than 25 mill ,astounding stuff ,time for the F A to grow some balls and put a stop to it .

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Agree completely on the inflated squads these teams have and they loan out an astonishing number of these players. The first you hear of them is they're doing well at "their" club, then find out on of the big 4 actually owns them and loans them out. As for the ones signed, out of the squad and not on loan, their lack of game time is softened by the ridiculous wage they get. can you imagine earning 10k+ plus per week for doing some training!!!!!!?
Must add though, cheering on the Spuds? Nah. I hope Kane leaves as without him they're a top 12 side only

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They had a good game plan against City, worked hard without the ball and soaked up both chances and surrendered possession and hit them on the break..however... Its only against the top teams that this risky strategy can work. They will play plenty of lesser teams that will expect them to have possession and the reverse breaks will happen. I think the are mediocre at best.

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