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Top 6 Calling

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sun, 03/04/2022 - 08:26

So after yesterdays results we have a great chance to get back into the top 6 and we need to make sure that we go for it and win but sadly like many i feel that at times Moyes is over cautious specially when we play at home and reading his comments about how tough this game against Everton will be i am already biting my fingernails thinking FFS Moyes Everton have been Shi*e all season stop building them up into world beaters and they got lucky beating the barcodes not they played really well blah blah is one of the things about his character that annoys me......lets be a bit more positive please David and lets put Fatboys team to the sword COYI

how the hell is Calvin-Lewis worth 60 million, hasn’t scored. If that’s his price then Ant must be worth at least fifty mill.

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Shame we don't score more goals as those dirty spuds have popped 5 past the barcodes and their GD is now better than ours too! I'm more pleased with the 3 points though as getting ourselves ahead of Manure is a nice bonus point and staying in touch with those above.
To have kept ourselves in contention, in the top 10 all season is a testament to how the club has been turned around. Nice big game ahead on Thursday now. can't wait

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