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Trouble on the horizon

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Mon, 15/05/2023 - 08:39

So most of the second string got a run out against Brentford yesterday a chance to show Moyes that they should of been given more of a chance throughout the season but they failed miserably...this does not bode well for next season.

So the squad needs a major overhaul but do we have the scouts to unearth gems like Brighton/Brentford do? i am not so sure.

GK....Fab should of done better with the first goal yesterday and he is not getting any younger....Areola well he let in a poor goal midweek and that is not good so the coaching staff need to work hard there if these two are to be part of the squad next season.

Def.....Johnson not good enough Cresswells time has come Emerson for a seasoned champs league and prem player just switches off Aguered has a rick in him Ogbonna its his age Zouma a lumbering lump ok at heading so a fair bit to sort out there.

Mid....Lanzini leaving Soucek just getting worse each game Downes needs more time to mature at this level but also needs gametime Rice going Fornals confidence shot Pac needs to stop the square pass he has a tendency to do but he is the man we have to build the mid round next season.

Forwards......Ants worryingly looks our best but his age and injury history not the best at all and wanting out of the club in Jan not a good sign..Ings well why? whats the point?Scamacca Moyes has no time for Benny lets face it Moyes does not really like him but has to play him Bowen is excellent but he needs help.

Whoever is in charge be it Moyes or someone else next season they have a major job on there hand and will have a lot of players to move on and a major rebuild IMO...if we win the conference cup and are in europe next season that may help with recruiting better players but we have to win it to be able to do that.


Draconian indeed and of course not all of the players will be moved on but so many need to improve Cornet is one for starters but if we are to avoid another season like this one major changes to the squad IMO has to happen.

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Made a mistake yesterday but made three stunning saves which kept the score down or did you not see them? Good for at least another season as #1.
Coufal, Cresswell and Oggie to stay as squad players. Emerson can do one. Maguire anyone? Plays well for England.
Downes is a hothead. Can that be tamed? Bowen suffers tunnel vision and runs into alleys. Lanzini would probably thrive under a different manager. Madddison anyone? Ward- Prowse? Rodrigo Moreno?
Not going to talk about strikers. We could buy Haaland and he wouldn't score here.

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also Ward-Prowse, natural replacement for Dec.

LOL... Haaland :o)

He wouldnt score as that muppet Moyes would put him in goal!

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Maguire, terrifies me. He's been shit at Manu and even for England I'd prefer someone else. Ward Prowse yeah maybe, but he ain't coming if Moyes is in charge, other clubs will be offering enlightning football! Moyes would still play Haaland up front, but with 9 defenders who just pump the ball up to him

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I just feel that Maguire at Man U has become the pantomime villain. The reality is he's a decent player and proved that with England in the World cup.

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I definitely think it's more a new manager rather than wholesale squad changes needed. This reliance on counter attacking football, allowing the opposition upwards of 65% of possession even at home is suicidal football and really just knackers the players out as they spend the season chasing shadows, lost causes and running with no support. Moyes has shown he can't change and probably doesn't want to. It's his blueprint and as he rightly says has got us into Europe and on the cusp of a trophy. Win that he leaves a bit of a hero, lose and all the good work done is overshadowed by this abysmal Premier League season. I'm glad he wasn't elbowed earlier in the season and was confident enough he would keep us up but no way do i want to watch a season like that again

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