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when good managers turn bad

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 27/12/2019 - 15:11

what is it with managers these days? I know its all a results business in the prem, but come on, managers cant improve team performances from season to season? look at bilic, great season, we're all impressed, then it goes pear shaped next season and he looks like the laziest guy in town unable to inspire or motivate the club mascot let alone the players. you can blame the players, but managers like Howe and Dyche are able to drag their players out of slumps, season after season. so the proof is there. Pellegrini is Bilic all over again - good start, now he sits slumped in the chair talking to his seemingly lifeless assistant and shrugging his shoulders anytime we throw games away.

wtf is this all about? I can accept bad performances now and then, they happen mainly due to the opponent doing a job on us etc, but one thing the likes of Harry and Pardew (well perhaps he went the same at the end) could do was lay into them after and get a reaction next few games.

is it the foreign player mercenary mentality? things going wrong but he doesn't care, he only cares about his hair and where his next big pay day is going to be? perhaps, but in my view this is why the club pays mega bucks to the manager to get in there and sort this sort of thing out.

we're one place above the relegation zone, half way through the season ffs. our recruitment looks utter pants as I refer you to Roberto, Anderson (attitude problems), yarmalenko/wiltshire (crocks), haller (good but cant be expected to shoulder the burden).

I dreaded hearing the news today that pellegrini has another 'two' games to save his job. I did think he was worth keeping after the Chelsea and Southampton results but its one step forward and four back. and he seems unbothered as if its a case of the players aren't up to his standard.

Ancelotti has pitched up at Everton, obviously promised money to burn but he's full of energy and enthusiasm, just a love for the challenge. with pellegrini he looks like a pensioner who's given up on life.

and now what? we get rid and appoint Moyes again? like we should've just stuck with the guy in the first place. that said, is he really the answer for us? what about Dyche then? basic, primitive football but gets it to work. is he big enough to push the club to top 8 etc? I think we need to find a Nuno but would the board ever take a risk.

With a Moyes type manager imo.staying in the prem is about the limit for our club. We will never get anywhere near top 6 or even top 8 with these bullshitter owners.for me pel is half the manager slav is & only had a 'world class manager ' tag because he managed a team of superstars at citeh.also the dildos have ripped the heart & soul out of our club & I cant see us recovering for a long long time

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Trouble now is every manager knows how much el pensioner is on and how much he been given to spend so won't come for peanuts.

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