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who is the best?

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sun, 25/08/2019 - 10:00

Noble or Tonka which of those two is the best ever penalty taker for you..yes i no you could throw in Dicksy but seriously Noble or Tonka? for me Tonka just shades it remembering that last minute equalizer against the bindippers at wembley in the league cup final more years back than i care to remember nerves of steel or what....both men brilliant from the spot and in truth probably hard to separate so its just a question of your preference so which will you pick?

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For me it's Tonka. He almost always got the better of the keeper. Remember him moving into a new house behind my school and everyone would kick the ball into his garden hoping to catch site of this legend!

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I've never seen Stewart or Dicks play live but from what I have seen in videos they almost always went for power. Noble has had a good variety in his penalty taking. He has scored 36 pens and scored the rebound of one he missed at the OS vs Burnley. Goalies do have a good advantage against penalty takers nowadays as they practially can see all penalties they have taken... ever and take note of what the taker might do. WIth this in mind Nobes has done superbly to score as many as he has. Still bothers me when he just puts the keeper off and puts it low without aiming for the corner of the net though as I always think that if the goalie just get the corner right it would be an easy save. Isn't he only behind Tonka now? I heard that he overtook DIcks last season.

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