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Who lightly toasts the bread before putting cheese on

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Submitted by darrenharry on Fri, 09/09/2016 - 12:37

When making cheese on toast?

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with pickled red cabbage mmm yummy and during the dark winter months the after affects help keep the duvet warm!

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Beat up a medium sized egg in a bowl. Add plenty of grated cheese until all the egg is soaked up. Toast 2 slices of thick cut bread (cut from an unsliced loaf) until golden on one side. Turn over and lightly toast that side. Butter the toast on lightly toasted side and then top with generous portion of cheese/egg mixture. Grill until golden brown. This is how my mum always made it. Drizzle with brow n sauce to taste. Mmmmmmm

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Nice 1 harry,reminds me of the old eggy bread that one,kids favourite,now i'm not a fan of blue cheese,but melt it over a couple of grilled pork chops, delicious!

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