Womens Team Manager

Early on last year I posted on the Womens Team Manager Matt Beard, a good record but lacking in respect for the women he managed imo. Constant F words which even surprised me when watching Jack Sullivan,s program that saw the Ladies get to the FA Cup final. Not impressed at all with the way he spoke to them. Some really good summer signings in 2020 but poor results told me this man was not long for the job. Olli Harder was appointed in December 2020 and has kept them in the top womens super league, a bit like David Moyes kept us in the season before last. This guy is Norwegian and has a really good record in the Norwegian Womens league so just maybe he can do what Matt Beard failed to do.....without all the swearing and proper coaching. We have good players they just need good management and coaching to see them perform better next season. I will also now take my two young grandsons to watch them knowing I wont have to listen to foul language being shouted across the pitch.

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