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Nene Nuance

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 18/02/2015 - 22:40

NeneWest Ham have announced the signing of former Paris St Germain striker Nene until the end of the season, subject to international clearance. This is a David Sullivan signing that should make those who confronted him after the Baggies Cup defeat feel even more ashamed than they should be. In a clear move away from the Allardyce agenda, Co owner and majority shareholder has shown, despite family issues ,that he is prepared to move boldly forward , with or without the support of David Gold and Karren Brady. Mauro Zarate was a Sullivan arranged player already in situ, ,but Allardyce's luddite recruitment view saw a champions league player almost reduced to playing in the championship!.
Thirty three year old Brazilian Nene was available on a free transfer after leaving Qatari side Al-Gharafa last month.
Nene told the website: "I am very excited and happy to be here. I'm proud to come to a really big club like West Ham and I'm going to do my best to help the team.
"I've been thinking about coming back to Europe for a few months because here the football, the ambience, everything is better.
"It's a really good challenge for me, to come to a competition like the Premier League. It's the most competitive in the world so this is the motivation for me."
The much travelled Nene, whose previous clubs also include Mallorca, Alaves, Celta Vigo and Monaco, was joint-top scorer in Ligue 1 after scoring 21 goals for PSG in the 2011-12 season.
Nene offers verstaility as he can play out wide while he also has a reputation as a free kick specialist.
He said: "I like taking free kicks, so I practice at them all the time. I like making assists, they are part of my real work, to make the final pass to put the striker in a good position to score the goals, that is what I am all about."
Who knows, Nene might even manage more game time than Big Andy has all season during the remaining games of the season, that is of course assuming enough pressure is put on Big Sam to play him! The sub text of this signing looks as if it is set to roll on and on. -Ed



Nene isnt that brazilian for nolan!Cos hes the only one sam will play out of the 2...

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We all seem to be beating on the same drum whether its here at the .org or Twitter or FB. Will he ever get a chance in the Fat Controller's eleven. I wonder, I seriously wonder if its not a tax dodge, cos if the Chairmen brought (and bought) him in he's got two chances and they are Slim and None.

How cool would it be if he complemented EV and DS up front and we ended up fourth in the league in May...alright, bed time and off to dream on...COYI

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I hope we see him play and he isn't a bench warmer. Obviously has been a good player but how much left in the tank at 33? Let us hope that Nene is a yes-yes rather than a no-no

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let's hope he gets some game time to show what he can do. Be nice to have some decent free kicks for a change, stop the floaty free kicks and corners.

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We are fast becoming a laughing stock. Fat Sam won't sling it in, he'll wait to be pushed and get his big wonga pay off. He won't pick Neo-Prene or whatever he's called. So it's up to Sullivan now to give Sam the Gooner, for not playing his new man. The way I see it The Fat One holds all the cards...............

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

im betting he see's C C as first choice replacement for Andy Carroll with Nolan in support, he aint gona budge now , he knows the games up

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Burkie 1

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Feel the same. Does Sam actually want to be our manager anymore, after all he takes a hell of a lot of stick, albeit all valid, so why would he look to improve our fortunes by dropping his mate and playing someone with a bit more flair? He's the 13th highest paid manager in the world and I think he has one eye on retiring after this season and will want to go out on his terms, no-one else's. So Capt Nolan will continue to play, we'll continue to struggle, Sam will continue to get paid, the fans will continue to get on his back and the only winner wil be Sam with his paycheck. Got to the stage once again where the end of the season can't come soon enough for me and the hope that the build up to the next will be better than the end of the last.

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Makes me wonder who writes them up to be honest. How the hell we're being held to ransom by this fella really pi55es me off. Yeah we're 8th playing really ugly football, bar 2 or three games this season, but it's effing torture watching it and him chewing his gum in the dugout looking much like a bulldog chewing a wasp. If he is still here next season I will not comment until he leaves. A new broom sweeps clean and thats what we need right now. Properly over it, nuff said, COYI

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I hope you have a great stay with us and get a chance to show us what you're made of (although I doubt Sam will play you unless there's injuries). Give us 100% and us fans will cheer you all they way!

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like what's been said hope he isn't a bench warmer.

    If he can belt in half dozen goals by the end of the season I'll be a happy hammer...
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Paolo Di Canio came here as a 30 something I believe or almost 30? not an international for Italy but had played at all other age levels, basically the same as Nene for Brazil! Also Nene like Paolo looks very fit and has looked after himself. He has all the skill of Paolo as well takes a decent free kick and has an eye for goal. Once Allardyce realises this (end of April imo) he will play him and hopefully we fans will take to him and as we approach the end of the season we will have something to look forward to other than direct longball football?

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A D Bonds

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Good point about Di Canio i almost forgot how old he was when he joined us, a bit of that samba football stuff wouldn't go a miss and something to look forward too with a set piece taker in the side hope he does the biz for us

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