Stadium Transformation Possible

One of the challenges of building sports and leisure facilities that are specialised is the cost implication that is involved. An added problem is that people going about their usual leisure activities, sports, or games may be disrupted during construction. However, there is a way out of this problem. This solution is known as Modular construction.

One of the key benefits of this construction style is the significant reduction in the time required for construction compared to the traditional building methods. It is a great construction medium with great benefits for your community because of its cost-efficient methods and speedy construction.


Modular sports buildings are usually smart and designed to be malleable. They can be adapted to directly suit whatever you want and can have a casual look. This implies that the designs can be tweaked to satisfy the desires of every community under any conditions. They can be fashioned to meet their every need. There are a lot of things that Modular sports pavilions are known to be used for. It’s simply not possible to cover all them of them in this post. However, here are a few of the use of modular sports pavilions:
• Sports Club Buildings
• Fitness/Gym Studios
• Training Buildings
• Poolside Buildings
• Public Toilet Blocks and Changing rooms
• Cafés, bars, or clubhouses
• Administrative and office use
• Kiosks, Cafés, or visitor centers.


The advantages of Modular sports buildings are endless. However, here a few of their benefits.

Building Materials Are Eco-friendly:

The modular industry is known to adapt to building processes and environments. This implies that you can use be eco-friendly materials in the build. This reduces the total waste produced and lowers the environmental impact of prefabricated builds. The common modern term ‘Offsite Construction’ was coined from the production of modular buildings. This is because they are constructed in an environment that is highly controlled in a way that on-site construction cannot be. Waste materials that are usually discarded and sent to a dump are now recycled for various purposes in other projects.

Energy Consumption Reduction:

The consumption of energy is largely reduced in modular buildings. This is because the modules are constructed offsite in a highly controlled environment. Hence, the marginal assembly process causes a huge reduction in the energy invested compared to using traditional pavilions. The use of cool/heat air insulation and conditioning and double-glazed windows helps in providing higher energy efficiency. Hence, making savings on heating bills through heat loss reduction.

You build modular buildings as quickly as in a few weeks. This helps reduce of its impact on the environment and tight budget projects by communities. It illustrates the speed in a new light. The entire building can be completed in a few weeks. Hence, your team and community can enjoy its new vibrant building. It is an amazing benefit for those thinking of efficiency in little time.
Reduction in Noise Pollution:

Modular sports buildings are constructed in an eco-friendly factory. This implies that the required personnel will be considerably lower than that of a traditional site. Not requiring deliveries of building materials drastically helps in reducing noise pollution. Another factor that aid this are the reduction of on-site noise machinery. This implies that there will be no major disruption to the activities carried out by your club users and community. Hence, the construction can be carried out in harmony with the activities of your users and community.
Reduction in Running Cost:

Eco-friendly modular sports buildings costs as low as 95p for a running cost. This rate has been this low for the past 60 years. This implies that investment in modular sports buildings is worth it. Sooner or later the great White Elephant that is the London Stadium will be transformed in to a Stadium that is fit for purpose, Modular construction is a concept that is being investigated as a means to adapt the Stadium without having to do a 'Tottenham', work could progress during the season. - Ed



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... is this reality or pipe dream? has the authorities approved changes?

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All this to me I find mind blowing,i know im old school,but it really is gone of the day of a normal football stadium,with burger vans outside,and a stall selling scarves and rosettes.Im a season ticket holder,and have been for many years,none of the above benefits me at all.

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Its all changed mate,but good for you & dartford & thousands of others who still go.cant be arsed myself anymore!!;)

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I'll get you there one day :o)

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Is if my adult children still wanted to,but they dont like it too!!oh well it's down to the grandkids of the future to decide....

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then we go with the grand kids!!! This could be a good year and maybe ...just maybe as good as the last season at UP so get on board 65!!!! The popcorn is fresh and the tourists are lovely!!! :o)

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