Benrahma's Blood Test Reveals What?

Having completed the first part of his medical ahead of joining West Ham United, and already having agreed personal terms, Said Benrahma's transfer seemed just a matter of dotting the i's and crossing the t's, however, an issue has arisen from the second part of his medical. You might ask your self 'why two medicals in the first place?', the answer is that is common practise to hold a medical over 24 hours in order to gain full medical disclosure, it is also normal for players returning from International duty to be rigorously tested for issues with their blood content, especially during the Covid pandemic.

So what is the issue? From our old sources at the Associated Press organisation (essentially they are a professional version of New Now) we have heard a couple of reasons for the concern. At this point we are treading dangerous territory so have to mention that the information received is being relayed without prejudice and in no way represents the opinion of the editor or the site

Before we reveal the quote it is worth bearing in mind that any potential 'health' issue found can have an effect on the player's value, so it is with some reservation we can from our third party state that there' may' have been traces of some form of stimulant or something along those lines found in Benrahma's blood samples.

Now we have to say straight away there can be a myriad of reasons for a blood test being returned with anomalies, it could be a health supplement that makes a reading strange, it could be a non-prescription medicine that is flagged up, worst case scenario it might be a recreational drug reading, and more likely than anything else, a mistaken reading, it happens regularly.

If by any freak chance the recreational aspect rears it's ugly head, before anyone jumps on the bandwagon, the player was in Amsterdam for the Holland v Algeria International fixture, and if by any reason he did partake in the local coffee house wares he would have been doing so completely within the confines of Dutch law.

Hopefully everything will be sorted out by 5PM, and after all, it wouldn't be West Ham if there wasn't some form of 'Ben' Drama! -Ed



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Boo Boo Bama-rhama you couldn't spilffing make it up. What next?

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Good to weed out these issues though

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Trust West Ham to make a Hash of it!

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Good pun Boogers

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no one grasses him up well be o/k

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Why wouldn't you with a potential move to a Premier league club and a medical in a day or so...such fckwittery is so West Ham these days

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