The Cost Of Pellegrini Rears It's Ugly Head

News that Galatasary and Besiktas are interested in signing Felipe Anderson from West Ham has been greeted with a mixture of resignation and joy, tempered by the reality that his sale would represent yet another massive financial loss incurred by the club in the fall out of the 'Pellegrini' era.

Sebastien Haller's sale to Ajax at a £25 Million loss grabbed all the 'negative' transfer headlines, but it can be argued the sale of Anderson, at a price rumoured to be a paltry £7 Million represents an even bigger loss than that of the Frenchman. Anderson cost the club £36 Million, and as he is approaching the last year of his contract David Moyes had a difficult decision to make about the Brazilian, sell for a small fee and also get his £80,000 per week off the books, or bring him back and try and turn the player's form around?

So we are talking about potentially a combined loss of just under a staggering £50 Million! Pellegrini's other profligacies, although nowhere near as catastrophic, Issa Diop and Pablo Fornals, have justified their inflated price tags, with Fornals in particular actually playing like he belongs at the club, the jury is still out on Issa Diop, there is definitely a good player in there somewhere, he just needs to concentrate and learn from the Og.

Pellegrini's profligacies and the Covid pandemic have left a massive gap in Hammers' finances, and while the club is not alone in suffering financially, the double whammy of Pellegrini and the Pandemic has left the club on it's knees, without the proverbial pot to use!

Despite some of the quite frankly ludicrous prices being quoted for players in the Press, the reality is there will be a proliferation of loan deals between clubs, as most will struggle to find the money to fund permanent deals. There will of course still be one or two deals done that cannot be justified financially, but will be 'vanity' signings, West Ham have done enough of that kind of dodgy business in the past to last a lifetime.

If David Moyes sticks to his acquisition ethos, the club will do relatively well, if it chases rainbows the manager doesn't want, then it will end up with dreams that fade away.- Ed



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Tell Sullivan keep his nose out of transfers(easy said i know) just either say yes or no on whether we can afford said player........if a players price is obviously over inflated then just move on to next target..........just a word of caution about Lingard i have heard a whisper from certain contacts in the horse racing world some of who are lets say well in the know at West Ham that a story is going to break that well will not put him in a good light.....i am hoping its not true and its just a rumour thats grown but somehow i think not.

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great ... thats just what we need and the news will break just before the Brighton game knowing our good fortune :o(

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the first move MUST be to secure the services of The Moyessaih before worrying who comes or importantly who goes. Interesting that Celtic still haven't found a replacement for Lennon, I bet he is still high on the wanted list. They couldnt match the salary but at this stage in Moyes career thats not an issue, going back to his first love might be enough.

Anderson is a very skillful player and in the right set up could really shine. In a Moyes hard working, team spirited ethos he's as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit! Cut the losses, recognize the mistake and move on!

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Eddie Howe says he will now take the job.......Spuds not wanting him now where would he go?

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Shrewd businessmen!! Lol brought in a 'world class 'manager on 10 mill a year & lost a good 50 mill on le sulk & el budgie smugglers...clowns

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Unfortunately, too many mistakes have been made, too many lies told. Now we just have to try to limit the damage of those actions and move on

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