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Just a couple of questions

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Submitted by Burkie1 on Thu, 13/10/2022 - 22:58

What do these members of the coaching staf show the subs on their tablets befor they take the field ?.
What are those bra like things that some players are wearing.?
What happened to the drinks breaks ?.
And are the Tories finished,?,thank God .

Whenever I see chicken Kev with the tablet I always think what is he showing the subs...
1 Porn
2 The scousers from Harry Enfield
3 clips of Allardyce at Bolton
Seriously does it matter! At the end of the day a player just wants to get on the pitch to do the business & I suppose it makes Nolan look as though he's earning his corn...modern football eh!

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He's asking how to get the chalkdust off of his slate board as they are not like the ones he had at school

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Could be showing them the menu for the after match dinner, " thats off,,, thats off ,i wouldnt have the fish ,shepherd's pie is very good though"

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