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Bowen & England

Submitted by Enfieldhammer on Thu, 10/11/2022 - 14:18

Just seen the England squad for the upcoming World Cup & to me it's a shambles. On form Bowen does not deserve to be in there & probably played himself out of a place. But when you look in full. Wow! The defence us awful. Trent, Maguire, Dier, Coady, White & Shaw. Walker is injured. Then in midfield. Kalvin Phillips (has he played this season) and Gallagher who does not even start for his club. Then up front. Rashford, Sterling and Grealish. All back out of form. Absolute joke. Shambles of a squad. Shambles of a manager. Sneak through the group and sent packing in first knockout game.

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They make a big thing about Maddison and Wilson getting picked but will they get a game? i dont think so just picked to make himself look like he knows what he is doing and picking Walker you just have to shake your does Phillips get in Sterlings been as bad as Bowen but gets picked...Gallagher been at Palace he would not of been picked.....Best players in the country they say well lets see shall we!

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Lucky to get in a world cup semi & euro final,the draws favoured him but as soon as he was up against anyone decent his players bottled it! Can't see Egland getting through the group

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Crap squad for sure but then most of these players have been Southgate lackeys for a long time now. We've not progressed (so no Southgate for West Ham) and too many players are out of form. See the non playing for your club love in persists with Henderson there too

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The squad is full of his usual players that are out of form,be bold southgate....moyes take note lol

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Bowens form has dropped off a cliff this season and he deserves to be left out. As for the rest of the squad, good luck to them, but it's all a circus now..........

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

I thought the same Enfield,Southgates pickings are same old,dosent strike me with any confidence,we wont get anywhere........Grealish dear me,he will spend more time laying around.

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Is Grealish one of the most over - rated players ever? He had a few good games for villa & Citeh stump up 100 mil for him! Has done nothing for them,in the Euros the crowd were going mad for him when he was about to come on!! Like he was Messi or something...The bloke is very good at getting free kicks,just like Zaha,but Zaha is a much better player & was ignored by Engand

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