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Surprise Surprise

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Thu, 02/02/2023 - 17:48

Got to laugh and have to say i had been waiting for a story like this once the window shut and moyes and co never fail....last year we were chasing Darwin Nunez and failed with a late bid at the end of the window along with Kalvin Phillips...this time around it was a late bid for Sander Berge at The Blunts but it failed....i am sure Downes must be thinking WTF more have i got to do to deserve a start in the prem and the manager who has problems upfront and at the back decided Midfield was a priority lol....prob all boolox but where there is smoke as they say and could it be Moyes and co trying to look like they had tried once again but just could not get a deal done.....i cant wait for this season to be over and hopefully wherever we end up Moyes will be gone and Sullivan and Brady to follow.

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I'd prefer Sullivan and Brady gone first, like ASAP. Moyes gave us two good years. Sullivan, that club killing cancer, has ripped the heart and soul out over 12 long long years

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