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It Was Always Going To Be Germans Or Italians!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 15/03/2024 - 16:27

Anyone who thought Hammers were going to breeze through to the Europa League Cup Final was seriously deluded as Hammers were given what many see as a bad fixture against Bayer Leverkusen

For their Europa League Cup 1/4 final.

This was a great draw, it could have been so much worse, Liverpool CANNOT meet West Ham unless it is for the final! It was obvious Hammers were going to face a 'quality' team at some point, so why not Leverkusen?

There are NO easy fixture at this stage and having the 2nd game at home is a real bonus, also for the players to know that they can reasonably expect to progress further in the competition and you never know once it gets to the semis.

The draw could have been kinder, but it could have been a whole lot worse and Hammers also dodged the real possibility of Scamacca coming back to haunt them!

Europa League draw


AC Milan v Roma

Liverpool v Atalanta

Bayer Leverkusen v West Ham

Benfica v Marseille


Benfica or Marseille v Liverpool or Atalanta

AC Milan or Roma v Bayer Leverkusen or West Ham

The first legs take place on 11 April, with the second legs on 18 April.

If West Ham can find a way past Bundesliga leaders Leverkusen, they will face either AC Milan or Roma.

The semi-finals are scheduled for 2 May and 9 May.

Dublin Arena in the Republic of Ireland hosts this season's final on Wednesday, 22 May. Although the ground despite having a capacity in excess of 50,000 is going to be too small if the final should turn out to be between West Ham and Liverpool. The sheer weight of numbers would necessitate a move to Croke Park which has a capacity of 83,000.

Logistically Croke Park would be best, but the Aviva Stadium is 'owed one' because of all the inboard investment there was there to facilitate the Irish Rugny team, there is also the need to have games at the Aviva to 'compensate' for lost revenues during Covid.

As usual the fans and their safety don't appear to matter to U.E.F.A, only the money! - Ed



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Fully agree Nev. We had to draw someone of note. Boogerscaravan Jnr pointed out they have a formidable record this season, he ho, it is what it is. The route in is favourable. The bin dippers avoided. Should we get to our final destination. We're still on the rollercoaster. Knobvurst and lederhosen, donkeyshit anyone?

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

I couldn't believe what I was watching on thursday night...attacking football is all we've been asking for...what a blinding result and it makes us all feel so flipping good, right ! ! !
If we get to play them undefeated, (the next 4 league games) I will shit in my hat and punch it...just not sure he can get them to keep playing the winning tune while he plays his defensive, low block bollocks

Let's have it

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Leverkusen have not lost a single Bundesliga game all season and are 10 points ahead of second place Bayerkane Munich. Well West Ham can treat them to their first loss!! :)
They play guess whom on Sunday. Freiburg that got spanked by West Ham. Maybe I should watch that game, but it clashes with our Aston Villains game!! :(

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