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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 20/02/2015 - 10:12

Those West Ham fans hoping to see Nene make the squad for Sunday's match against Tottenham would do well to consider these comments by the erstwhile Mr Allardyce in his Evening Standard column "We have signed Brazilian offensive player Nene on an initial short-term contract. Now we have to get him fit as quickly as we can, his scoring record at PSG was impressive and we looked at him a year ago before he moved to Qatar. As soon as he’s fit, he’ll be in the squad and hopefully he will have an impact for us."
"As soon as he's fit"….. Sounds familiar? It should do, this is the bog standard reply Big Sam trots out each time an 'exotic' player is hoisted upon him by those dreadful owners who actually want a say about player recruitment. Expect to see Nene put through a gruelling 'fitness' regime, at the end of which, if he avoids injury during the process, he will be 'benched'. This time frame will mean that the player will miss those very hard matches that he was brought in to help in!
With Elliot Lee being loaned out to Luton Town, there is a paucity of striking options for West Ham, essentially Sakho, Valencia and Carlton, that's it! Vaz Te was allowed to move on and Zarate was appallingly treated prior to his farcical loan move to Q.P.R . Reports that Zarate was unfit merely illustrate the lack of joined up thought relating to his move, he is a player who needs to PLAY, his fitness comes to him that way. Who would most fans have preferred to see against W.B.A, Carlton Cole or an unfit Mauro Zarate?
The eyes of the Media will be on the 'ear cupper' today, there will be the usual, small squad and tired players excuses rolled out. Wouldn't it be refreshing if Big Sam just said "We were beaten by the better team on the day, they thoroughly out thought and out fought us, mea culpa". OK so the "mea culpa" is pushing it a bit, but it would definitely get a good laugh from the Press boys, Latin from the mouth of 'Allerdici', copy from heaven! -Ed



If we struggle with three games in 7 days there's no point in qualifying or trying to qualify for Europe. Better to play your oldest most tired players and hope for a few draws. Maybe Allardyce could be honest with the fans and let us know before we shell out hard earned cash, and spend hours travelling, if the players are up for a game or not?

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Is it a coincidence that his age (33) wasn`t mentioned on the O/S (unless I missed it) ?. Last I recall reading about transfers was that we would not be signing anyone over 29 !.
If he gives us pace, goals and replaces the ineffective Mr Nolan then he can be any age in my book.

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Talk about Lack of Communication from Gold Nene is fit and ready to play. It's possible he could be on the bench against Spurs on Sunday. dg

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I just don't see Sam bothering to play Nene, even to find out what he can do. If he does get a run, it'll be with 2 minutes to go in a boring draw of a match, and Sam will play him one up top with no service except the long ball.

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It's a shame Nene probably wont get a game until the end of March (unless we lose Sakho or Valencia to injury) and knowing Allardyce he just wont want to play a player he did not sign! (He had to keep playing Sakho because he scored goals and Carroll was injured). The sooner the last game comes in May the better and we can just release Allardyce and look forward to a better manager and better football imo.

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