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Amex Offer Refunds-Irons Don't!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sun, 05/03/2023 - 11:24

"That'll do nicely" was the American Express advertising copy line for decades, Brighton fans will be thinking exactly that as they pontificate their 'easy' demolition of West Ham yesterday, the 4-0 scoreline was flattering to the visiting Irons as ALL the good will of last week's 4-0 victory over Notts Forest evaporated, as the late Tommy Cooper would say "just like that".

In fact last week's rare occurrence merely masked the fact that West Ham are a club in crisis and only the most Claret & Blue of glass wearers would admit to anything to the contrary. In the past the accusations of a lack of investment have been blatantly true, however the current squad is far from inferior, it is just that their manager has 'lost the plot' AND very obviously the dressing room as well!

Buy a £35 Million striker and refuse to play him because he has a niggle! Well a niggle is travelling to Brighton to see your team capitulate to a team that was bereft of their manager who had guided them to continuous Premier safety and was replaced by someone that everyone thought would fail! Once upon a time players like Alvin Martin would be given a massive cortisone jab ahead of games and told to get on with it, Gianluca Scamacca is a big lad, standing at around 6'5" do you think that he doesn't want to be playing?

There is loyalty and then there is blind faith, the Hammers board have shown SO MUCH loyalty to David Moyes that they are now blinded by their own faith in a manager who is no longer fit for purpose, unfortunately as the reality of their constant support hits home they are left in an almost impossible 'rock and a hard place' situation, who on earth who is worth their salt would want to take on a club in crisis like West Ham?

Michael Carrick is the latest 'contnedr' to take over, but why would he want to leave a promotion chasing Boro who are on the up for a disparate and desperate team on the way down? In fact even Alan Curbishley (remember him?) and the like would give the manager's position a wide berth at the moment!

At some point in time the penny WILL drop, it is only to be hoped that the club can somehow survive in the Premier League before a complete and total change of the management. In the short term the club should move heaven and earth in order to get Alan Irvine back to the club, since he left results have fallen off the cliff, the poor form since his departure was compounded by Stuart Pearce leaving the fold. Since the two of them left, the results have been nothing less than catastrophic with the poor form being glossed over by a modicum of European success achieved against the continent's lower ranking teams.

"Pull the plug, get rid of the Zombie and think of England" might be the best message to the board, otherwise the AA map of England is going to be a point of reference for away fans as they prepare to visit the likes of Rotherham and Preston next season. - Ed



but it will not happen as sulli will buy up DG shares and gosh help us

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Thats what really pisses me off not one player stood up to be counted and i don't need to see our Captain coming out stating its not good enough trying to make himself look good.....everyone of those away supporters should of been given a refund.....whilst there is no god given right for your team to win you expect them to compete and they did not do whilst they sit at home being pampered and fawned over by nearest and dearest and just how hard it must be for them well get the hat out and throw your wages for the day in it and track down those incredible supporters who follow them home and away and give back to them what as players you most certainly did no earn at the the week ahead expect Jim i love sully so much White i will tell all who listen that Moyes is the man for the job.......

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This latest debacle of a performance and the subsequent fall out and dissection by the media. shows we are a club in crisis and the board have lost the plot.

Any club worth it's sort would have pulled the trigger by now. The Manager would be history and a rebuilding programme would be in place under a new regime.

So WTF is really going on at our beloved club?

From what I can see, players are becoming really frustrated both on the field. But more worryingly off the field. Rice's tackle that earned him a yellow yesterday was clearly born of frustration. The post match analysis and interviews did little or nothing to install confidence. Something clearly is wrong.

Moyes charmed life is extraordinary by comparison of other clubs in our situation. Nev is quite correct, who the chuff is going to want to take over with impending relegation looming?

The scammaca conundrum is a real head wrecker? What on earth is going on their? The boy is far from happy, that has to be the understatement of the year. He is fast turning into another Haller. By default and not design.

I'm even questioning if Deluded Hammer actually was right about Haller as Scammacca is definitely going the same way. What on earth has Moyes done to these young talents?

I'm actually bereft of rationalisation, I can only conclude there is some serious foul play in the corporate element and ownership. The players are suffering, they have no direction. The fans are suffering, parting with there hard earned wages to see repetition, repetition and more repetition. Served up by a mindless dinosaur who has clearly lost all sense of reality and purpose.

This has the smell of the desperation of the bond scheme from the Cairns reign. I never ever thought I'd be back here again, sad times I'm afraid, very sad......

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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After reading your post boogers im more and more convinced that some fans are coming around to my way of thinking ,that there is some sort of agenda going on at the highest level of our club, dont ask me to be more precise cos i couldn't, all i know is theres not a club in the prem ,or anywhere else that would put up with this shite , it comes to something when your looking at our fellow stragglers and wishing them bad luck in their matches ,its come to the point where i dont just think this managar should go ,but the board must pack it in also .
Im fed up with goin down to my local and havin the manua, phoo and scum fans takin the piss ,
So im goin to do what i did for the forest game , im goin to wish the Villa the the best of luck next sunday ,if a loss to them next sunday doesnt earn moyes the sack then we might as well get use to it .We're goin south

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Moyes may have an excuse that it was the mid-week FA Cup game that took the sting out of West Ham's players. After all West Ham were the better team especially in the first half and should have been three or four up with all the clear cut chances. It is not until Man United putting in an extra shift to turn the game around. This took the stamina out of all the players on the pitch. Hence, West Ham losing 4-0 on Saturday, and an even more rested Man United team getting pummelled 7-0 by Liverpool on Sunday. I think that is the logic the Board are using to hold on to Moyes. :)

The Conference Cup will probably feature a number of U21 players and the outcasts like Lanzini, Fornals, Scamacca, Downes, Cresswell, Kehrer, and possibly even Cornet, so as to rest the usual first team players!!

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