Beware Of P/X Offerings From Liverpool

Nat Phillips is the latest Liverpool player to have been 'linked' with West Ham, the spin and rumour mill, essential elements of any tapping up process are already being put in place. You know the way it works, big club wants player from 'little' club, big club's manager publicly 'admires' player from little club, little club's player's head gets turned, big club's manager then says that he cannot discuss the destination of a player currently signed to another club.

It's a fit up, pure and simple, not as unfair as say PSG and Manchester City's manipulation of their 'sponsorship' revenues, but nevertheless still a move big clubs get away with, and by big clubs we mean many of the initial members of the 'septic six' breakaway league.

Liverpool's apparent interest in Jarrod Bowen didn't just happen, it just happened to become news as a result of their media department working overtime, much like C&H do for GSB. The fear of Hammers fans is that the Board will sacrifice Bowen in order to retain Declan Rice, whereas fans would prefer the retention of both players.

Ironically, one of the reasons Rice has refused to sign a new contract is that he is yet to be convinced that the club will make good their promise of the new acquisitions required in order to make the club regular competitors in European competitions. So selling Jarrod Bowen would hardly send out the best of messages to Hammers talisman would it?

Liverpool have several 'fringe' players that they would like to punt, the Anfield outfit see West Ham as a club in desperate need of fresh faces, but without a pot to piss in and therefore there for the taking. David Moyes's transfer targets are either being purchased by other clubs or are being priced out of the market by their clubs, not a particularly good set of circumstances to be doing business in.

West Ham can do better than accepting Liverpool's cast-offs, Bowen is a vital component of the Hammers flying machine that David Moyes has constructed, Bowen's energy is a crucial element of the fast counter attacking Iron's front line. The club is already seriously in danger of losing Declan Rice, losing another vital part of Moyes' young team would be truly catastrophic! - Ed


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