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Bowen Is The New Rice!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 11/01/2022 - 08:24
jarrrod bowen is a target for jurgen klopp's liverpool

When Declan Rice first burst on to the scene many saw him as a typical west ham one hit wonder, a player who would either get good and consequently get sold on, or a player who shone brightly for a while but then faded into obscurity. However Declan proved all the doubters wrong AND the club have managed to keep hold of the 22 year old England International, thus far.

Rice has had an astonishing amount of column inches dedicated to his 'next' move, with Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd seemingly 'nailed on' to capture his services, at least according to the press. Despite all the sycophant support for a move, Rice has remained in the East End and has continued to thrive, establishing himself as one of the BEST midfielders in WORLD football!

Well, it seems as if the media have FINALLY moved on from the Dec story, replacing him with none other than Jarrod Bowen as the Hammers player 'coveted' by a host of Premier League teams, including but not exclusively Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp is a long time admirer of Bowen and has done all that he can to 'legally' ensure the Anfield PR office is moving hell and high water to get the Pool's interest in Bowen out into the public domain as much as is possible.

The way this sort of open tapping up is done is clear to see, you only have to look at Liverpool's destabilising clandestine stalking of Vergil Van Dijk while he was still a Southampton player to see the modus operandi, not only of the Mersyside club, but also ALL of the 'sick six' clubs who attempted to destroy the footballing pyramid in this country with their failed and ill fated super league attempt.

Throw in a crazy valuation just to up, the ante and it is possible to create a 'perfect storm' of an environment that can 'turn' a player's head eventually. Fortunately for West Ham, Rice is not fazed by his £100-150 Million valuation, so Bowen needs not be concerned with his current £60 Million valuation, much like any appreciating asset his value is only going one way currently and that is south of £60 Million now.

Gone are the days when Hammers metaphorically dropped their pants every time a bit of cash was flashed, this 'date' needs more than a slap up meal in order to end up as the desert! If you care to glance at the litany of unbelievable players who have left the club in te past it is little wonder that he club has now embarked n qa course that necessitates holding on to the club's BEST players.

60 Millionen Pfund sind jetzt nicht genug, Herr Klopp! Versuchen Sie es stattdessen mit 100 Millionen Pfund! - Ed



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In fact, that should be the price for ANY of our players that are both important for the future and in form. Some players just feel like gold and cant be sold at any price. Declan and Jarrod are in that very camp. I would also add Manny, Soucek, Fornals and even Benny, the latter I believe is just getting better and better! I couldnt, and dont want to imagine, any of these players in anything but a West Ham shirt. They can all easily evolve to the giddy heights of Noblesque status of club legend. We are all looking to see new recruits during the transfer window but sometimes its just as positive to retain the best... lets see! COYMI's!!!!

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Love it or hate it this kind of media tapping up always has and always will happen and for us to keep these players it is not just down to wages it is down to how we perform on the pitch and what competitions we are in....This seasons european adventure has been a nice change but players like Bowen/Rice/Zouma/Lanzini/Soucek/Coufal are easily good enough to play there season after season and if we fail to qualify for any european competition next season that is when we need to start worrying about the jewels in our crown.

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J Rod is a star for sure. I'm just loving the energy desire and will power to get to the ball. Losing the ball now has become a sport in itself. Sprinting to recover is fantastic to watch in all corners of the pitch. Something tells me Vlasic will come into his own in the coming weeks also...

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In the Cup tie for Hull v Chelsea & I thought what a player would love to see him in a westham shirt,he was immense that day! Then i read palace were after him & I thought here we go,but luckily we had the wisdom to buy him...he's getting better & better,a class act!

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keep watching the last goal against Leeds when he runs form our box to catch up to ants collect his pass and score .if ever there needs to be an advert for Duracell he's the bunny :-)

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Will come calling soon mate,just hope our international injury jinx doesn't come back to bite

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