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Cresswell Injury-Good News

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 29/11/2021 - 07:48

Injuries to Said Benrahma ans Aaron Cresswell were the double whammy cost of taking on Manchester City at the Etihad yesterday, the 2-1 loss was Hammers 2nd Premier League defeat in a row. Benrahma injured his ankle but didn't look too uncomfortable when he left the field to be replaced by Manu Lanzini.

More of a concern was the fitness of Aaron Cresswell following his high speed collision with the post as he made a last ditch goal line clearance. Anyone who has suffered a back impact trauma will tell you that your body's initial reaction is to go into 'limp mode', essentially your back locks up until it believes it is safe to 'proceed' again.

This morning will be the earliest opportunity to appraise the injury fully, but one guarantee is that Cresswell's back is going to hurt like a 'matriarchal fornicator' and will need at least a cortisone injection in order to 'unlock', painful is an understatement!

The fact that Aaron was able to walk off the pitch, albeit very gingerly, is a cause for some optimism, tests will quickly show whether the ever present defender will be available for the next crucial game, home to Brighton on Wednesday evening.

If Aaron Cresswell isn't fit enough David Moyes will undoubtedly switch Ben Johnson over to the left and reinstate Vlad the Impaler Coufal as right back, although injuries have been expected they are not welcome, particularly on the left side of the pitch!

Brighton are no mugs, getting a good result against the Seagulls on Wednesday has just become that little bit more important now. -ED


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