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Dutch 'Master' Hammers Bound

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 25/11/2021 - 11:15

Dutch international Wout Weghorst is the latest in what will be yet another procession of strikers linked with a move to West Ham, as the opening of the transfer window looms we can expect many many more. To put his potential acquisition in perspective, Weghorst turns 30 in August of next year and is contracted to VFL Wolfsburg until the end of June 2023 meaning he wouldn't come cheap.

Although the Wolfsburg striker has scored 159 goals in 370 games for club and country, his playing style is ponderous which is probably as a result of him being 6'6" tall. The similarities between him and a certain Mr Haller have to be drawn, Haller was unable to cope with the Premier League's physically demanding pressures but has gone on to light it up in Holland and set the Champions League on fire with his record breaking achievements.
Weghorst is four years older than Haller but would still be in the £20-30 Million bracket, a lot of money to pay for a player who would have little sell on value as his contract draws to a close. There is also the question of him adapting to the Premier League, we have seen how Haller struggled and who is to say the same thing wouldn't happen to Weghorst?

There are some who say Haller was mismanaged during his time in London, they argue that he was not given enough support or time and that he should have been utilised differently, they also say that he most definitely fell in to the category of players who need an arm round their shoulder to boost their confidence.

Pellegrini played Haller as a lone striker when he had been used to being part of a pair up front, Moyes just didn't like the Frenchman's lack of effort and failure to track back, they might both have been right, or they might both have been wrong, either way taking on a player from another League is a massive risk and although fans are claiming 'we are massive', we are not sure the club is massive enough at this moment in time to risk a punt on Weghorst, he'll probably end up at Newcastle! - Ed



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