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Europe Ahoy And Really Weird And Wild Mourinho Backing For Bilic

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 26/05/2015 - 18:11

The season is going to start really early for the incoming manager of West Ham United, the club have just been declared top of the fair play league in England, and as such have obtained entry for a Europa League qualifying place along with Liverpool, Tottenham and either Aston Villa or Southampton. As fair play qualifiers Hammers will have to play their first match on July 2nd, in order to enter the competition 'proper' they will have to play a further three matches. A tall order for a team that is currently without a manager following Sam 'Arraldite's' departure, but on the positive front, following a bizarre accidental meeting courtesy of Chelsea fans occupying the Fulham Road and it's surrounding area for their Barclays Premier League title celebration, a rather worse for wear Jose Mourinho endorsed Slaven Bilic's credentials as a manager.
"Slaven is a good man, a strong man, but intelligent. He knows how to see a game, he is, how do you say? not a Luddite, unlike others, I think you know who I am talking about. He will be a breath of fresh air, and at last there will be someone able to take the weight off doing vaguely interesting and witty press conferences from my shoulders!"
And with that, the great one collapsed in a heap before being 'shoed in', by a rather large man with dark glasses, to a waiting limousine driven by an even larger man with dark glasses!
Bilic's odds were 1-4 on, what price now? -Ed



Bilic is keen would satisfy the fans and definitely be a breath of fresh air. SUGO have him on their short list but will they take him on? I actually hope so as he does play exciting football and gets the players to work hard as well as playing tactical attacking football. Loved the rise of Croatia under his management and Besiktas cant complain either with last year and only just missing out this year!

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A D Bonds

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Yes lets get him in ASAP to gel with the team Sugo get the checkbook ready to add strength and depth to the squad and let the journey begin, just don't let it affect us in the league too much, Maiga and Zarate might come in useful also with bilic at the helm,wary but excited COYI

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We sure as Hell need a 'breath of fresh air!' The players need a kick in their collective arses: they have become too comfortable, and too ingrained with Allardyce's negative thinking. Bilic will knock that out of them. And he speaks 4 languages well, and another 3 to a degree, so he will have no problem getting his message across to our multi-national squad. I could never imagine Sam trying to speak French to Sakho, or Spanish to Valencia; I think that's a more important point than most people think. It's also a reason why I'd be wary about getting Bielsa.

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but i think Valencia is a bit lightweight for the prem, he needs to get in the gym.

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Sam could just about speak english mate!Can you imagine him trying to speak french or spanish with a dudley accent....

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