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Even Moyes Won't Do That-Must Be 1 Striker In 1 Out!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 27/01/2022 - 17:44

News that young Hammers striker Mipo Odubeko has joined relegation strugglers Doncaster Rovers hasn't gone down too well with some Hammers fans, there are those questioning the logic behind sending a forward out on loan, albeit an inexperienced one, when the club only has ONE recognised striker!

Mipo has just returned from an incredibly underwhelming loan spell at Sky Bet Championship club Huddersfield Town, he hardly played for Huddersfield and it is to be hoped he will get more game time at Rovers. West Ham had a grand plan for the youngster after he arrived from Manchester United, unfortunately thus far he has failed to live up to his earlier promise, hence ANOTHER loan spell.

More pertinent to most fans is the question, why send a striker out on loan when the club are so light in that area? The obvious answer is that David Moyes MUST have an additional striker lined up to join the club during this transfer window, he does have Thierry Nevers and Armstrong Okoflex available, but surely he CANNOT have sanctioned Odubeko's loan UNLESS another striker is scheduled to arrive at the club within the next FOUR days!

Moyes would have to be in complete denial if he thinks Hammers can 'limp' through to the end of the season with Mikey Antonio as the club's only recognised striker, yes Jarrod Bowen has chipped in, as have all the forward players, but they are NOT strikers!

West Ham are NOT Manchester City, who are able to function WITHOUT a recognised striker because they have one of the BEST squads, if not the Best squad, in the world! Their bench even contains more stars than a Galaxy so they can get away with it, a glance at Hammers bench shows who can't!

So there we have it, MOYES IS GOING TO BRING A STRIKER IN, we have written it! Our contact at Chelsea has confirmed Hammers 'real' interest in signing Armando Broja, from what we can gather Moyes is VERY interested in bringing the 20 year old Albanian across London from West to East and that talks have progressed but that they are not at an advanced stage yet.

Given the fact that Armando Broja is available to do a medical at the drop of a hat, it is to be hoped he is the 'surprise' that Moyes the 'Magician' pulls out of the hat. -LN


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