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Fixture Reverse For Hammers First Euro Match

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 23/06/2015 - 11:11

West Ham United will play the first leg of their Europa League campaign at home to Andorran team FC Lusitans on July the 2nd, not July the 9th. This is after the initial schedule was reversed to avoid a fixture clash with Andorra's other representatives, Sant Julia, who were also drawn at home to Denmark's Randers in the first leg. The clear benefit for West Ham is that the tube strike threatened for the original home date will now have no effect! The benefit for the Lusitans is that they can move venues in Andorra to increase revenue, in fact they are entitled to re-locate the match ,for safety and logistical reasons, to virtually any stadium they want, so long as it is in Europe. The venue for the return leg is due to be announced by 18:00Hrs ECT -Ed



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I think they still have to book the pre-season games in case we are knocked out. Guess some of those games will see mostly youth and development players.

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Yeah it will be nice for youth to get a chance under bilic that's for sure,Big test though,ain't seen a fixture pile up like that for us since i was a knee high to a grasshopper lol

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I thought i'd seen that badge before so FC Lusitanos are inspired by Portugal national football team you learn something every day :))

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