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Hammers In For A Drink?

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Wed, 15/06/2022 - 09:35

Danny Drinkwater, who signed from Leicester in a deal worth for £35 Million in 2017, is departing Chelsea having not made a senior appearance for the Blues since the 2018 Community Shield defeat by Manchester City at Wembley Stadium. Drinkwater scored once in 23 games for Chelsea and left the club four times on loan spells, with the most recent being for the duration of the 2021/22 campaign in the Championship with Reading. Drinkwater also had stints on loan with Burnley, Aston Villa and Turkish side Kasimpasa.

Players who are available as free agents invariably have some 'baggage' attached to the deal, Drinkwater is NO exception although to be fair to the player he didn't set Leicester's asking price but as a result suffered the weight of the 'transfer fee', not uncommon in modern day football. Rumour has it that West Ham are 'interested' in Drinkwater, but if ever there was a player who DIDN'T fit David Moyes' template for new recruits, then Drinkwater is it.

At 32 years of age Drinkwater is probably wel passed his sell by date and as such West Ham shouldn't touch him with a barge pole, he is EXACTLY the sort of player that David Sulivan and David Gold would have 'jumped on' in the past! "well Chelsea paid all that money for him, so he must be good, mustn't he?" would be the mantra of before, hopefully Moyes and Newman have put a stop to all that, the medicine might be painful in the short term, but in the long run it is the only way to go!

Overpriced but not over here please! - LN



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Didn't he get involved in some ag a while ago. Cant remember what it was. But was the subject of a tabloid story. Betting, drinking or women? Something or other?

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