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How Much Will Really Be In The KItty?

Submitted by Louis Nixon on Wed, 24/11/2021 - 12:40

Daniel Kretinsky's inbound financial investment has sparked wide spread rumours of 'exotic' signings in January, NOTHING can be further from the truth! The reality is that while welcome, the funds brought in by Kretinsky are NOT being ring-fenced for player purchases, they are to be used to stabilise the club's finances following the enormous losses made as a result of the Covid pandemic.

That said, what the Kretinsky money does mean is that Hammers manager David Moyes WILL have access to the £20 Million received 'on Paper' from Ajax for the sale of Sebastien Haller. The money that had been earmarked for a new replacement striker 'evaporated', leaving Moyes with few if any options to strengthen in that area.

Nikola Vlasic WAS brought to the club for big money, however the payment structure was VERY accommodating for West Ham, a sort of very kind HP, this move was only sanctioned when it became clear negotiations with Kretinsky about him investing in the club had reached an advanced stage.

Of course the failed PAI(n) bid helped muddy the waters while the Kretinsky deal was being engineered, this helped the club line up certain signings during a period when clubs thought Hammers were truly brassic and unable to make 'significant' bids for players.

Having your access to finances in the public domain doesn't help managers, it just whacks the price up normally, a classic example being Manchester United, whenever they come calling for a player the price is instantly doubled! Hammers will be very wary of the 'new money' syndrome, hopefully Newcastle will be the recipients of over the top demands from clubs, while Moyes and Co can go about their business without distraction.

Don't expect a fleet of gleaming new attractions, it is rather more likely to be one or two at the most what is EQUALLY as important is for the club to retain its best players. - LN


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