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If The Hat Fits

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 06/03/2023 - 06:37

Current West Ham supremo David Sullivan used to have a penchant for wearing his now politically incorrect Russian hat which is called a Ushanka, which rhymes with what many fans used to call him from the metaphorical terraces that adorn the as yet commercially unnamed Queen Elizabeth Stadium.

Apart from the obvious 'When will you sack David Moyes?" questions being asked of him, the majority shareholder is having to field off an increasing amount of questions regarding his ownership of the club and WHETHER HE PLANS TO SELL or if indeed he might be forced to sell because of a potentially 'aggressive' take over of the club.

Since the passing of David Gold speculation has been rife regarding his 25% ownership of the club and what will happen to his shares. Initially it was thought that Gold's family would want to continue with the status quo by retaining their shares and maybe just selling off a few to cash in on their value, however it seems that the 'cretin in the sky', as some call Daniel Kretinsky behind his back, might go behind David Sullivan's back and offer top dollar to the Gold family and become the club's majority shareholder.

The majority shareholder of any Limited Company can, if they wish, add to the value of the company by injecting cash and bonds which the other shareholders have to match or see their shareholding become reduced in a process that used to be known as 'bear hugging'. Of course when men in suits ran the stock exchange and other strictly private financial organisations these things went virtually unnoticed but not anymore!

Ironically it won't do Kretinsky's investment portfolio any harm if the club do end up getting relegated because he will be able to buy cheaper, conversely if the club survive he can launch his 'bear hug' knowing his investment will likely go up, a win win situation, it's what he does, in case fans forget, he is a Business man!

Despite all the bluff and bravado, David Moyes MUST KNOW that in Kretinsky's eyes at least, he is a dead manager walking. There are few options available to arrest the club's decline at such short notice, those managers that are available ALL want long contracts, but in reality at the end of the day money WILL talk.

How much will relegation cost the club? How much will it cost to payoff the three year managerial contract of a new face in place? Money talks, will Moyes walk? -Ed



Nev unfortunatley not think sulli has first dibbs on DG shares ,hope not tho

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Does it really matter if the new manager gets a long contract? And by the right man I'm meaning a manager with proven Premier League experience and a winning track record which discounts the Potters, Gerrards, Marsch's and Carricks of this world.
In fairness to the board they do pay a decent dollar for managers. Their track record of employing the right managers has been the problem.

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The problem is now though we are involved with this micky mouse eruo conference lg ,home and away ,if we win the first leg ,as we are expected to do they'll never get rid of him in the midle of that useless thing and the odds are we will win the second ,if that happens then we're stuck with the relic ,and all that means involving relegation , you can hear the Moyes fans now, ( witch i dont thik, are to many at this point ), look, why would you get rid of him ,he's taken us into europe 3 years in a row.

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I actually think now that it is the Euro crap that is saving his skin,as its the only thing that we have progressed in,the league and our domestic cups have all fell through,i also dont think Sullivan wants the aggro of getting a new manager before the end of the season,he is settled with him.

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