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New Wave v Old On Sunday

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sat, 20/04/2024 - 13:34

David Moyes takes his battle weary troops across London to Selhurst Park to face a Palace team rejuvenated by the arrival of manager Oliver Glasner who replaced the ageing Roy Hodgon mid season.

Austrian Glasner was most recently in charge of Eintracht Frankfurt before leaving the Bundesliga club last summer so he and Moyes have already clashed in European competition. Their encounter was 'feisty' to say the least, so perhaps there will be a little more passion shown by the dour Scot on the touch line!

Palace have a humongous injury list but will be buoyed up by their recent win over all conquering Liverpoolat Anfield, a fixture Moyes has always all but written off when Hammers travelled there. So in one respect Glasner represents the new whereas Moyes the Old.

Glasner did not show Liverpool the respect their baying fans demand and was rewarded with the win. It is a simple ideology, if you send your team out hoping for a draw then they will probably lose!

Moyes has a full, albeit tired squad to choose from. Will he send them out to be on the front foot from the get go, or will he adopt his tried and tested men behind the ball and hit them on the counter attack?

The problem is teams know all too well about Hammers counter attacking strengths and are able to set up accordingly, if only Moyes could 'mix it up' a little bit he has the players to destroy the opposition.

Will the Leopard change his spots? We doubt it! - Ed



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Before season started and as much as his media buddies try to keep him in a job his times up with us leaving the field open for Liverpool to swoop and employ the master tactician that is Moyes

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You being really daft now Mc.

They would never employ an ex Everton manager :o)

It a good point made about the media and the ex players about the genius that is Moyes. We are told to "be careful what we wish for" insinuating that he is good enough you lowly guys but none of them would ever suggest he was good enough for the top six or even outside of that little group of delusional fat cats.

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Well the thorn in our side that used to be Zaha is no more. Whilst poor old Woy may not be around anymore to welease woger or welease woderwick. Injuries or no injuries, Palace are a different proposition these days.

Has the Jurassic Jock got his head out of his Jurassic arse?

We shall see no doubt. I expect a 3-2 or a 4-2 result. I have no idea in who's favour that will be!!

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

I'm still of the opinion that if the club know who they want & said person is available now. Moyes and us fans should be put out of our misery and Moyes given his P45
As for Palace today. I'm in agreement with Boogers. Goals but who scores more? I know the lads run their bollocks of on Thursday night. Just hope they can dig deep today. A win could be massive.

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