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Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee Moyes & Potter!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 20/02/2023 - 16:30

Press hounds waiting for a 'sniff' were overjoyed when Chelsea's spokesperson came out with the "Board are right behind beleaguered manager Graham Potter" statement, this is the type of wording that generally precedes said manager getting the tin tack. So just like waiting for a bus or a C.I.S officer to attend your burgled flat, not one but two appear on the horizon.

Not wanting to be outdone on the 'clearly we are absolutely insane' front, West Ham United very quickly issued their own "we are right behind the manager" statement to those good fellows at the BBC, so it must be true musn't it? Really, once upon a time small boys wanted to be professional footballers, later on girls did too, but now there is a serious fear that the nation's youth may well become neo-managers!

In what other role could you possibly be rewarded for exhibiting total ineptitude? It seems ONLY a Premier League manager is allowed to delude, or at least attempt mass delusion on an industrial scale, how else are either Chelsea or West Ham's points returns anything other than outrageously bad given the expenditure there has been on players?

Look at Brentford for example, they use a computer to help find their talented players. NB: For Dinosaur and dysfunctional managers, computer is a word in the dictionary, just after Chump and C**t! There are young and talented managers out there, it is just that they are invisible due to the old boys club of agents and their managers who seem to have a complete monopoly, especially with owners who are about to sell up or owners who don't know what they are doing!

Will it be Tweedle Dee West Ham who finally pull the trigger first, or Tweedle Dum Chelsea when they realise you cannot buy instant success over this side of the pond? Perhaps they will make a dual club announcement on the lines of "Due to a mass infection of the minds, both West Ham and Chelsea have decided that ALL of those in majority control need periods of extended isolation in order to begin thinking clearly again"

Some would say you couldn't make it up, others might point at Hammers injury record and say "Oh yes you could!" - Ed



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The value of the club will be at least half so that welsh dwarf will be sick at the sight of the balance sheet.

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Your right about the Old Boys Club re managers Nev,as ive stated in my posts,shopping in Jurassic Park for managers has gone on too long.I cant help but think Potter may do a descent job for us,he was never going to reign at Chelsea,tossers like Conte and Maurinio are for them,Michael Carrick at Boro could be a one to watch.

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Always similar clubs until Abramovich came along....only difference now is we both balls it up still just they with all there money are still not in our league when it comes to shafting yourself

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