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Unparalleled Irons Click Bait!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sun, 09/04/2023 - 22:58

Hammers fans of all ages are well used to the club being a bit of a circus, but there are some media outlets that go above and beyond when it comes to 'driving' traffic to their websites with spurious 'Hammers News'! Some might say"more fool those who follow the bait", whereas others might allude to the fact that fans will look at virtually anything relating to their club, particularly during times of crisis.

Well the club IS in crisis, the players are doing their very best to dig themselves out of the gaping hole Dino Moyes' outdated tactics have dropped them in and generally the spirit among ALL the players is positive with many publicly stating that they are up for the fight to avoid relegation.

Indeed six points from three games is the sort of return required to maintain Hammers top flight status and that is what they have achieved, unfortunately there are some really difficult fixtures ahead and points will be hard to come by, especially in the fixtures against Arsenal, City, Liverpool and Man United.

However just when everyone who supports the club should be doing their best to be positive, certain sites insist on click bait headlines regarding spurious and unfounded rumours regarding players irrespective of the damage they might cause and most definitely without one iota of truthfulness!

Further investigation reveals these 'articles' actually have NO REAL content and appear to be written by students doing their course work! We have nothing against students but would ask site administrators to at least look at the content they are carrying on occasions.

Now is the time for all good fans AND websites that claim to be for the fans to come to the aid of the club, there will be plenty of time for back biting, bickering and of course click baiting, once the club is safe!

So if you ARE going to submit 'click bait' (they know who they are) at least attempt to have some degree of integrity within the process! - Ed



I'm with you Nev & I do believe the players now are up for the fight! That was a solid display against Fulham & you need that in a relegation battle.Ogbonna the unsung hero & Coufal were massive plusses at the back!!Stay up & then plan properly for the future,without Dino imo

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I have just "unfollowed" three West Ham FB forums because of the constant drivel being spewed out, particularly Hammers News which pretty much links us with a new signing twice a day.
I thought we were fortunate to win both the S'ton and Fulham games but the inclusions of Ogbonna, Coufal, Cresswell and Fornals back in the team for the Fulham game looked more promising and they are the players we need right now. Don't get me wrong, I like Paquetta and Aguerd, Emerson not so much, but these are what I call luxury players. They'd fit in well at teams like City or Arsenal but right now are not the players we need.
We're all agreed that managerial overhaul is required and possibly the coaching staff too. Particularly those in charge of our goalscorers and how to deal with one on ones. Shooting straight at the keeper is not the only option you know.
PS. Re the poll. Can you add a "neither" option please

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On one of them,it may have been Hammers News that zaha is coming to us in the summer! Yeah right

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I just cannot see Moyes leaving,the board will have looked at these six point,bottom of the league clashes,and thought this could be it,but he has delivered the goods each time,we stay up and carry on,if we go down it will stay the same,i may be wrong but i bet im not far off.

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To be honest I only come on here. I don't do Facebook, I don't do social media full stop. Back in the day I used to buy a newspaper (sun) nowadays I look on the BBC Sport page. I've not had sky for 3 years but watch a hooky stick. That does me as an old git...

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The Sun ( just for the tits!) Apart from that just the football news,the rest was used when I ran out of khazi the stick mate & only come on here...old gits united

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