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Who Will Control The Purse Strings For New Era?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 15/05/2024 - 13:01

As you can imagine, the media information and rumour machine regarding West Ham are running at full chaff ahead of the arrival of Julen Lopetegui. Names of incoming players have been arriving from all directions and sources with the 'information; being lapped up by supporters lusting for some positive news about the rebuild of the Premier Leagues oldest and smallest squad!

If all the stories are to be believed, Hammers are about to embark on an epic spend the likes of which has not been seen since the Pellegrini era, the issue is that te figures just don't add up. Income from player sales will be vital from an FFP point of view, but realistically the current squad with few exceptions has little to NO resale value, a situation that somehow needs to be addressed.

It is all very well for sites to suggest this player or that will be a bargain at £20-30 Million, but where will the money come from? Hammers are relatively cash rich compared to other clubs but the margins are extremely tight.

It is accepted that the club needs to make at least six new signings in addition to fully utilising the promising youth set up which may have to supply at least another FIVE players. That is a very tall order indeed, bringing in six players from other clubs will be costly even at £20-30 Million a player!

Essentially the club will need to find around £120 to 180 Million at the very least, how can this figure be achieved? West Ham will have earned approximately £30 Million from the Europa Cup run and will receive around £140 Million for finishing ninth so around £170 Million will be in the kitty, but player wages are massive so there will only be half of that amount available at the most!

Lucas Paqueta will have to be sold whether fans like it or not, however his recent performances might well make potential buyers question the £85 Million valuation that Hammers have put on him. Sadly the rest of the ageing squad is worth very little with players like Danny Ings being shifted on for virtually nothing just to get them off the wage bill.

Tim Steidten was nicknamed the 'Pearl Diver' during his time in Germany. He will need massive lungs to pull Hammers out of the mess they find themselves in. -Ed



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I'll see what I can find at Crawley Town - One thing I will say though. George Earthy could be some player for us next season. If Loopydoozy likes to use youth, he's ready to go and could replace Paqueta??

Paqueta can Jeff off and take his equity card with him...

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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The age of the squad has to be addressed. It's just not old enough as Sullivan has no-one to converse with. Will be looking to bring in G Neville and Carragher to shore up the defense and a move for Ian Rush up front is definately on the cards as Antonio is too young to lead the line going forwards. Pele was an option but sadly passed on. But the most exciting news has to be the return of Phil Parkes in goal. Legend

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Pearl Diver Tim will need to be at his best with such little money.

Its not just about splashing the cash, its about getting the right players and having a balance. look at Chavski, spent just shy of a billion with no reward apart from The Euro Conf league which clearly the so called Big Clubs think is beneath them!

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We are linked with this guy, born in France but plays for the Congo, playing in Portugal Braga.

57 appearances and 32 goals............ Like the cut of his jib!!!

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